Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mom is ill again. She has another urinary tract infection and is slightly dehydrated. She also does NOT have a pressure sore on her bottom. It is a scab from the old. So one good thing there. She will be in the hospital for a few days, poor thing. She was doing alright when I saw her earlier in the day. When she started falling asleep, I came home and napped too. I am so tired because I didn't get much sleep last night. I took her to ER after she was not seeming herself at about 9 pm. I got home around 1 am and I was up by 9 am because I thought I was just going to pick her up from the ER. Wrong! No, when they say she is staying overnight, they mean in the hospital, not in the ER. I didn't know that. I asked the nurse how long would she be there and she said at least a couple of days if not a few more to get rid of the infection. I wonder how long Mom has had this as she didn't act like herself on Friday either so I am thinking she had it a few days ago too plus she had on and off tummy aches this week. I thought it was just constipation, but maybe it was the infection. It is so hard to know these details. But anyway, she is being taken care of and that is what counts. I am going to see her again this afternoon. The one thing I won't do is after all this put her in a nursing home to regain strength. Been there, done that, not happening again. Anything she needs will come to the house where she is comfortable and happy. I am so not going that route right now again. If it becomes necessary in the future, well, that is then and I will worry about it then.

I am in a lot of pain because I walked all over the hospital getting to Mom's room because I thought she was in emergency. Next time I will get a scooter and ride to Mom's room. I am not sure how to get there because I went to and from her room rather strangely so I would be near the ER where my car was. My legs and hips are really sore. I had to take another pain pill. I hope it feels better soon because it is pretty bad right now. I am heading out to see her again shortly. I do have to change schedule of one luncheon this week because, I think, that may be the day Mom comes home. We shall see. We are going to lunch with friends 2 times this week! I am excited about that.

It is getting hot out again, but my pain is from stress and the extra walking. I know better now, if she is staying overnight, she is not in the ER! I hope your day is going well!


  1. Sorry that your mom is sick. UTI's and dehydration can both add to confusion.
    The strain you are under only adds to your other pains, so use the time to get some extra rest for yourself.

  2. Heather, I am so sorry Mom is in the hospital once again, but at least her doctor and hospital are proactive in treatment..Mya is right take this time to take care of you..sort of like respite care I would look at it...I hope she is home soon and you will then get back to your normal routine.