Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Face book is being totally stupid at this point. Everything is freezing on me, so forget that for right now! I hate it when it does that. I am not that computer savvy so anything that is out of the ordinary is bad for me.

We are having a pretty good day so far. We had our usual. I forgot to give Mom (and mine) her medicine before we left like I usually do so we had a few meltdowns at the restaurant. She was hungry and having the hunger meltdowns. She was pretty much fine once she finished her food. Of course, it is easier to have her finish her food with medicine already in her. I get so mad when I forget like this because she does feel better with her anxiety medicine. The other two, well, yes she needs them, but they aren't detrimental to her feeling fine like the anxiety medicine. Naturally, as soon as we came home we got our medicines.

We are using a new service at Walmart for the pharmacy. They now call you to let you know your medicine is ready. It is really cool and very helpful. Like I just ordered Mom some anxiety medicine as it is almost (but not quite) empty and the message said tomorrow after 2 pm it would be ready. Well, within a half hour I got a message from them saying it is ready for pick up. How cool is that? We will be going to pick it up tonight I think. I also want to take Mom over to Old Navy as they have hoodies on sale and I want to see what colors and styles they have. Mom wants a pink one, so that is what we are going to get. A new pink hoodie for mom. She needs a few for fall and winter this year as she only has 1 for winter and 2 for fall. For summer we have about 5 or 6 of them, but not the heavier ones that she will need this winter. I am hoping for a nice light blue one too. She looks so cute in hoodies. I would post a picture, but I can't find the cord to the camera and the computer right now. I have been looking but no luck so far. I know it is in a box because I saw the box a while ago. I thought, oh, I will remember this is where the cord is, but no, I do not remember where I saw the cord.

It is a quiet day for us. Angela is on her way for Mom's bath and hair wash. I don't know if Mom will take a nap after that or not. She might. It all depends on how tired the little lady is. If we don't go to Old Navy today that is fine. We can always go Friday. I plan to get her hair cut Friday anyhow so whenever we go is fine as long as we go while the hoodies are on sale. I am not really tired right now, but I thought I wasn't yesterday and I slept for 2 hours. It was very refreshing although sometimes in the afternoon when I sleep my dreams seem so real to me for some reason. I don't have that problem at night, just the afternoon, I wonder why? Hm, who knows. It's me and I do strange things.

It is pretty nice out. We aren't suppose to get heat again until next week. Ugh, I hate the extreme heat we have had this summer. It gives me such headaches.

I am still waiting for the company to call me back about the hospital bed. I want it out of our living room, it is hogging up a huge amount of space that I need for other things, like the children's table and chairs that are strewn in the middle of the room. They are in the way, not to mention the wheelchair of Tillie's is in the hallway and that is so in the way, I hit it every time I go by it. I have a prescription to get Mom a wheelchair that I haven't filled yet. I am going to this week. I don't like the wheelchair of Tillie's as it is too hard to push so I am hoping for one that is easier to push, if not I won't fill the prescription. Mom's orders are for a lightweight chair so I am thinking it should be easier to push and put in the car. Right now my scooter is in the trunk and Mom's walker is in there too. Mom doesn't like her walker and won't use it. I think she should, but she hates it and you can't make someone use something they hate. I have tried and it doesn't work very well. All that happens is that I get upset and so does she. Not very helpful.

My knee is still being stupid. It isn't as bad as yesterday but I was expecting by now it would be better. This is getting ridicules. I mean, really, get better all ready.

I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying your day.


  1. Heather, hang in there..when the computer starts freaking on me, I just shut it down and come back to it. I hate when a dumb computer stresses me out. I am having problems with the letter T on mine today..sticks..bah.

    I hope they come pick up the bed soon and the wheelchair works out. My mom needs to use a cane but do you think she ever uses it??? Noooooo..oh well, like you said, what can you do.

    Hope the rest of the day is better sweets..

  2. Why not go right now and put one set of pills in your purse for the "just in case". That's what I do. Then, still take the pills with you when you go out, but you'll have that just in case set for just in case you forget...

    Typicall people refill their meds before they run out, so you won't miss that one set of pills.

    Hang on, you're doing fine. Being a care giver his hard on the best of times, then you've got Fibro added to the mix... so give yourself a break.