Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We went to the doctors for a check up from the hospital for Mom this morning. She is doing alright. They took some blood to check for infection and dehydration and if there is a problem, they will call, otherwise, no news is good news from that end. I don't expect any problems, she is doing quite well. In fact, right now, she is taking a wee nap in the living room. I don't put her upstairs because she is comfortable in the living room and I don't want her to do the stairs too many times a day unnecessarily. I also take my wee naps in the living room as the furniture is rather comfy. I have one student today. Hm, I just realized that I had placed an order with Pepper music and I haven't gotten it yet. I will have to call and find out what happened. This is strange as they always send stuff right away. I don't need the music this week, but I will next week or the week after as Charlie is almost done with the book and we will need the new one. I will find out shortly what happened to my order.

Just checked, somehow they listed it as a "quote" order, whatever that means. I fixed it, they are sending me the music. I need those books! Well, it has been straightened out and they are shipping it out so I will get it soon.

Acer had his first lesson yesterday. He is quite a musically talented young man. At 5, yes, I said, 5 years old, he can plunk out on the piano any melody he hears. The challenge for the young gentleman will be using the proper fingering. He and his sister are so musically talented it is unbelievable. I love all my students and each one of them is gifted in some way, whether it be with sight reading, enthusiasm, or some other way, Acer's is definitely is by ear which will, in the end, serve him quite well. Frank plays rather well by ear now too as he has figured out some songs on the radio and can play them. I just love teaching. Mom sits in on every lesson and seems to like the music they play, even the exercises. She, usually, sits quietly and listens, although there are the times when I have to remind her to be quiet and listen. Fortunately, that isn't too often. She is a quiet person most of the time and usually only talks to me these days. She did talk to Wendy at tea a bit today which was good.

We met with my friend, Wendy, at a different Tim Horton's (it's closer to Wendy's house) for tea after the doctors. It was quite fun. I enjoy visiting with her and hearing about what is going on in her and her children's life. Today, they were with Grandma and Grandpa going to a movie. That will be fun for them. We visited for just over an hour when we both had to go. Mom was getting tired and Wendy had to get some things done before children get home but it was a nice visit.

Today has been a rather nice day. It is beautiful out, not too hot, not too cold, and a nice cool breeze. The sun is shining and Mom is having a good day. I don't know if she would be up for a trip to the store though. I need to go as she is almost out of ensure and I am almost out of Tylenol PM and pop so that it is a necessary trip. I called our neighbor to see if she could stay for a brief period. I left a message so if she can't that is okay, Mom and I will figure something out together. Maybe Mom will want to go with me. I don't know. She is walking better. The pop I can live without but not the ensures and the Tylenol PM. Those things we will definitely need by the end of the week. Somehow it will all work out. It always does! It isn't time for a big shopping so that is good, just a couple of things. I think I need to get a membership to Cosco or Sam's club as they have bigger supplies of the ensure that we need and it would be nice if I could get a month's supply at a time when I do the big shopping. We also are going to need TP. I am getting this shopping every month thing down pat in some ways and other ways, not so good. I clear out the supply of Ensure whenever we go to the store but it never is enough for the month, usually good for a week and a half. Oh well, I will worry about it later. We still have enough for today and tomorrow then I will have to worry.

I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying a beautiful day!

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