Saturday, August 7, 2010

I just woke up from a nap. There was the coolest article that Barb found posted on face book. Here is the link. You just got to read it.

You Know You Have Fibro If… | Cranky Fibro Girl

It is so true and funny at the same time. I laughed pretty hard when I read it. I love the one about the shower. I have a chair in my shower/bathtub because I can't stand long enough to take one. I was exhausted (even though I got up at noon) that at about 2:30 I went and took a nap. Mom was still sleeping when I woke up. I was having wild dreams that seem so real that I woke and saw that I was fine and home. Strange how dreams work.

Not much going on today. Monday is our busiest day and the day that I love the most. Thursdays, and Tuesdays are the next busiest. The rest are just boring unless we have plans for things to do. Fridays will be busy again starting next week and then every other week which will be good. Saturdays should pick up a bit in the fall with at least 1 lesson. I am looking forward to fall so much because this week is going to be hot and humid again and that just makes me ache. Not that it takes much to make me ache, but super hot and humid does.

I read all my blogs that I follow and today is pink Saturday. As soon as I figure out how to post pictures I will start doing a pink Saturday too as I love the color pink. I also will be getting a memory card for my (pink!!!) camera this week so I can take pictures of my violins and violas. I think tonight we are going to Joann's to get some boxes so I can start painting again. I love painting. I also want to paint a couple of signs for our bedrooms. They are fun to do. It is almost time for dinner and I don't know what to make me. I thought cooking for 2 was boring, well, I was wrong, cooking for 1 is worse because Mom only eats a chicken breast for dinner now and it takes her about an hour to eat the whole thing. I don't know, I don't get it either, she just doesn't feel hunger like the rest of us do. It is a weird thing but she will eat it and she needs the protein.

I found a new sore on her tailbone, it is very tiny, yet there. I almost cried. I forgot to cream her one morning this week and it arrived in the evening. Talk about fast! Anyways, I have been pouring the ensure plus down her and making her eat her chicken since we know that will heal it. I am not too worried about it because I am doing everything I can with it. It is a bit swollen near there but no breakouts. I don't know why it is swelling underneath but since there is no breakouts I can only wonder. No, I don't want a breakout to find out why it is swelling either. That would be awful for the little Mom, she would just be in pain from that. I have a new cushion for her to sit on. I don't know if she likes it or not because she doesn't comment much. She hasn't complained about it yet, so I think it passes the muster for her.

I think maybe tomorrow we will go and see a movie. It is a possibility if we don't fall asleep instead which is what has happened the last few times we were going to go. I don't worry or get upset if we don't see it in the movie theaters. Mom has such little time left that I have plenty of time to go after. I can always buy the movie on DVD and watch it here at home with her. The last time we did go, she fell asleep and that kind of bothers me because she is missing the movie then. I do need to order the Disney's Oceans movie. We want to see that one. We just got the Percy Jackson movie as I loved the books. I read them last year. I borrowed them from one of my students brothers. It was very cool and interesting. I need to see that first and then I am going to loan it to the Muglia girls so they can see it. They wanted to see it in the movies but never got the chance to, too busy.

Anyways, it is absolutely beautiful out right now. No heat, no humidity, no rain, just sun and cool breezes! Our air conditioner hasn't even kicked in for the day! Talk about nice!!!! I hope this finds you doing well!

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  1. Hi Heather, I am always glad when you stop by it always puts a smile on my face:) Glad you posted that link..I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time because it's all so true..What a hideous disease we have.

    I don't care much for weekends..I'm not sure what it is. I just know TV is crappier and in this summer heat we are so stuck inside...

    Anyway thanks for coming by..hope your Mom's sore heals doesn't take much for those sores to pop out I guess.