Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mom and I were watching the news but I had to turn it off because she was getting upset. I don't know if this means she is getting another infection. I certainly hope not. She cannot go through this again. I mean it has only been 2 weeks since the last one. I will keep an eye on her for the next few days. However, the stories on the news were sad and about murder and car jacking and similar so I do understand her getting upset. We already saw the weather and that was the important thing that we needed to see. Mom is slowly eating her dinner, a piece of chicken breast and an ensure. I stopped giving her anything else because she wouldn't eat it. She would be full so what was the point?

We are watching "Holmes on Homes" on the HG TV channel. Mom and I like this channel a lot because it is calming and and non violent or upsetting to her. I like the house hunters show, it is interesting to see people by their next homes. Someday I hope to buy my own house, but it certainly doesn't like that will happen any time in the near future. I don't need a big house, just one that has a room for teaching. Our house is the perfect size for what Mom and I need. I just wish we could use the family room. I hope to try it again all next spring to see if we can use the room. Mom redid the room a few years ago. She ripped everything apart, the floor the walls and had it drywall and did some waterproofing. She did a great job. Mom added insulation in the floor and more on the walls to see if she could make the room warmer. Unfortunately, for her it wasn't warm enough but I hope that we have enough blankets plus the gas logs will warm the room for us to use. I love that room. We do need to put new foam in the cushions in the sofa and chairs so that they can be used. We have to get another TV because we don't have one down there. We brought it up to the kitchen because we watch all our TV at the dining room table.

We are having a pretty good day. Mom did alright with her physical therapy. She didn't do great, but okay. Her right leg was really good, but the left, well, that wasn't so good. It was like she lost focus. I think we should start with the left leg next week so that if she runs out of steam again, it would be okay. I had one lesson, Charlie. I got all the new music that I ordered, unfortunately, it was for alto sax not tenor so all but the 2 books I needed are going back because I can't use it. I am rather disappointed. This is the first time this has every happened to me from this company. Usually they send exactly what we need. Good thing it was on approval and I don't have to pay for it because I don't need it. I will be taking care of that tomorrow. I am keeping the 2 books because those I need for sure. As a matter of fact, they certainly came in use today as Charlie started the first volume today. I was excited that he moved up to advanced volume 1 today from the Intermediate.

My knee is still giving me issues. It is hard to straighten at times and when I was rolling over in bed it hurt to put pressure on it. Rather annoying. I hope it gets better soon because it is really getting in the way with helping Mom walk and get up. It has been going on since Saturday night and I am getting very frustrated by it. My head is okay, just the usual headache, since it is cooler out it isn't so bad like it has been. My right arm has bruises on it. They are huge and look like someone beat me up on my arm. I bruise so easily because of the medicine I take for my blood disorder. I have to take blood thinners everyday so I don't get another blood clot. Boy, I don't want to go through that again.

I hope this finds you doing well and having a good day. We have had a pretty good day especially since I was able to take a brief (2 hour!) nap before Charlie's lesson! I woke up when he arrived.

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