Monday, June 14, 2010

1 1/2 days until Mom is home!!!!! I can't wait!!!!! Today has been a pretty good day so far. I won't be able to see Mom until tomorrow because of both our schedules. When I am not teaching she is in therapy or bed so that ends the plans on visiting today. However, I will make it for lunch tomorrow and then by 9:20 on Wednesday ready to take her home. I know she was supposed to see the doctor again this morning. I will find out what he said tomorrow. It would be nice if he gave her something for the pain in her throat and ear that they keep ignoring. If it keeps up, I plan to take her to our doctor to find out what is going on. I am hoping once she is home it stops and she can relax again because she will be with me. Just because the doctors can't find out what is wrong doesn't mean she isn't in pain! Look how many doctors and years it took to find out what was wrong with me. Mom never gave up on that and I won't give up on her.

On to better news. The Muglia family will be getting a piano! A real piano! The girls are so excited about it. It will go in the living room where the big keyboard used to be. The found it at an Estate sale and the person they bought it from knows someone who can transport it to their house. I am so excited for them. The three older girls (there are 8 children in the family now) love playing piano and I love teaching them. I also teach them sewing on Friday. They are excited to see Mom as she hasn't been at sewing for a few weeks. They are such a nice family, really nice and caring.

I hope to pick up a few more books this afternoon at the used bookstore. I have pretty much read everything that is left in the house. I have spent the last 3 1/2 weeks reading when I am not teaching or sleeping or sewing. I have a bit of sewing to do this week too. I will have Emily's and Lily's dresses ready for Saturday. I just love sewing. It is something that Mom and I used to do together. Now she watches me and sometimes gives me advice. She can remember a bit about sewing so that is good. Originally it was supposed to be the two of us teaching the Muglia's but with Mom's memory, it is really just me. I don't mind. Time flies when I am there. The girls have each made 3 items. Hannah has made 2 tops and 1 skirt. Lydia and Natalie have made 2 skirts and 1 top. I don't know what they will start on next but we will be using wool material. I have several boxes for them to choose from. I will also be finishing Sarah's skirt this week for her. It won't take too much time since she is so little. (she is five)

Pain isn't so bad so far today. I am a bit more tired than usual because I went to bed late again last night. I need to stop reading before I go to bed because I don't know what time it is when I am reading and often it is past midnight when I stop. Not recommended for a girl who is exhausted all the time. I plan to head for bed early tonight so I am more rested when I see Mom tomorrow. I have to go to bed early tomorrow night as I will be picking Mom up rather early. I don't mind since I'd rather pick her up early than late. She is anxious to get home.

I hope you are having a good day!

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  1. I once traded a Mountain Bike for a Piano... the best thing I ever did!!

    If you read a lot and have a lot of paperbacks laying around, then is for you. For the cost of mailing a book via media mail, you can receive a credit for a book from another member. It's fantastic! I get rid of may paperbacks and the request audio books that I can listen to on the way to work.

    It's a good week for Fibro people, I think. I'm doing good and you're not the first person I know with Fibro to say they're doing good, to!

    I'm glad you don't feel so bad!