Sunday, June 6, 2010

8 more days! I can't wait. Almost a week away and Mom will be here, back where she belongs. I saw her for lunch and she was crying through most of it. The nurses assistant said it was a crying day for her. She cried through out breakfast too. She just wants to come home. She doesn't understand why she is not home or with me. The nurse assistant also said she couldn't understand why she was still so confused as the infection is getting better. I told her that the confusion isn't going to get better because Mom has Alzheimer's. She was surprised. She didn't know that. Now, why wouldn't the nurse assistants not know mom has Alzheimer's? Anyways, Mom's throat is bothering her again today so I told the nurse I wanted her looked at. So tomorrow morning the doctor will look at Mom's throat and ears. It may be just a cold coming on, or it could be dehydration as she drinks even less there than she does here, or at least from what I have seen. I can't wait until she gets home, I just can't wait. This has been so hard on the little Mom. I won't do this again to her that is for sure.

I will be working on the girls dresses after I finish up here. Emily and Lily need to have one more fitting before I cut and sew the hem of the dress. I will be pinning it in place this afternoon. Then I will message their dad and let him know so when the girls are available this week they can come for a fitting. Lily will need her shoes though. I want to make sure it is right. I should have done Emily's 3 weeks ago when I first got the dress but I didn't. I didn't anticipate that Mom would become ill and not have time to do the dress. I won't procrastinate like this again. I want to be finished pinning by dinner time. I have ordered the shoes I need for the wedding today. I meant to do that last month but I forgot. Sometimes my fibro fog is so annoying. I have known for months that I need new shoes, but I forget about it unless it is in the middle of the night or another time that is not convenient to order them. But I have them done now and that is what counts.

Pain is normal, surprising for such an upsetting day. I am upset today and hope I will feel better tomorrow. I think I will go to bed early tonight to make tomorrow come faster. I have 6 lessons tomorrow! How cool is that? I think it is pretty cool and I am excited about it. I hope this finds you doing well and having a great day.


  1. Hi Heather, I can't believe the nurse did not know that your mom has Alzheimers..that is not right, that should have been in bold on her chart! And does she have an IV for liquids..I know lots of questions..I worked for a few years in the cardiac floor at a hospital..its the medicaleze coming out in me.!
    Thanks for always stopping by to say hi..hugs

  2. Hi Barb!

    No she doesn't have an IV right now. I am hoping that by tomorrow they will realize that there is something wrong with her and put an IV in her or send her back to the hospital. I reschedule the lunch time lessons so I can be there at lunch to find out what is going on with her. I, too, was stunned that the nurse assistant didn't know mom had alzheimers. That kind of should be public notice in her wing of the home. Everyone should know that. I have questions too about how often they come in a ask her to take a drink. I know she hasn't drank much out of the cup they leave for her everyday. I will know more tomorrow. I love your blog!