Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mom is home! I am soooooo happy about that. I picked her up at 10 am. I quickly packed her suitcase and went down to laundry to pick up her other clothes. I have some laundry to do for her, but that is okay. I will do it, tomorrow! She hasn't had her anxiety medicine for the entire time she was in the nursing home. I found that out today. No wonder she was so miserable and crying all the time. She was scared and nervous the entire time she was there. I don't know how long it will take until she feels comfortable again. She has really gone down in the last month with everything that has happened to her. I have put the new plan in place. We both fell asleep this afternoon though for about 3 1/2 hours. We both are rather exhausted. I don't know how she is going to do when it is time to go to bed, but we will go up together and I will put her to bed. I plan to sit with her as long as it is necessary. She still cries easy right now. She did pretty well at Tim Horton's this morning and the little restaurant for dinner. Mom hasn't eaten very well, but I figure it will take a few days before she is comfortable enough to eat a bit more again. Her appetite isn't very good to begin with. She did eat 1/2 her donut this morning and she ate a bit of mashed potatoes and soup. I brought the left overs home for tomorrow's dinner. I am so glad she is home although she is nervous.

Pain is a bit higher, not sure why today. I am feeling better now that Mom is home. I should sleep better tonight!


  1. I'm glad she's home. I've found that no one takes care of your loved one like you... people don't understand and very often, have little patiences for patients or people that don't "suck it up and tough it out"... Your mom will do much better now that she's home and being taken care of by you.

    Your day was quite eventful and stressful... that's probably shy the pain is higher... it's effected by stress and your day was definitely stress...

  2. Welcome home Mom!!!

    Getting Mom home entails alot Heather. Not surprised your pain level has increased.