Monday, June 21, 2010

I had 2 lessons today. Callie tried to get here in time for her lesson from camp, but her mom drove over a tire on the way home and it knocked out the power steering pump in the car so she had to go straight to the car repair place. From the post on Face Book, it seems Callie had a great day at goal ball camp. She loves that sport. I hope to see her play someday. She is very good.

Frank is doing pretty good with his competition pieces. His pop piece is almost ready, but his test list piece isn't quite ready yet. I hope by the beginning of the month it will be ready. He has about 4 weeks before competition. Knowing him as I do, he will be practicing a lot between now and then. He has most of his pop song memorized and some of the test list song. He is almost done with the Mozart piece too. He is not playing that for competition.

Bob is almost done with All I Ask of You and coming along very well with A Whole New World. He will be on vacation next week so he won't be having a lesson. I hope he and Maggie have a great time on their cruise. They are going to Venice and a few other places. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Mom is doing better today. She drank all her milk and some water. She ate okay, not great, but okay. The nurse came today. The one that came on Friday was a fill in, Sherri is going to be the regular nurse. She said that Mom's dehydration could have been the result of the urinary tract infection she had. That would make good sense because Mom was not feeling very well a couple of days before I took her into ER. I had no warning that she was that sick though. I hope to at least have a better idea if it happens again. She is doing well now. She is drinking her water without being reminded this evening, so I am very happy about that. She also keeps trying to pull papers out of the pile of papers in the middle of the table. I will sort the pile tomorrow. I have a few bills that have to be paid this week. I also have to go to the Secretary of State this week and show them the pay off letter from the car. I didn't know you had to do that when you pay off a car. Of course, I don't remember ever really paying off a car before purchasing a new car. I don't need to purchase a new car right now. My little focus will serve us well for a few years. It only has about 45,000 miles on it and it is 4 years old. Much better than the car I had before it. That one was a piece of junk. I had to put a new engine in it at 50,000 miles, among other things. This little car has not had any problems with it, I hope none in the near future. She gets us from point A to point B quite nicely.

It was a beautiful day outside, sun shining, and not too hot. I made dinner again tonight. Mom ate all that I gave her. I bought some different stuff this time, more Italian food than usual. I was in the mood for Italian food this week instead of the usual frozen dinners. Mom seemed to like the change, although I am not sure she noticed it was different food than usual. It took a while, but I got her to eat her whole serving. I was very pleased with her today. She only cried 2 times today. Once at Tim Horton's and once before dinner so all in all, a very good day for us. Her anxiety medicine seems to have kicked in and she is much more calm and at ease now. I think she is sleeping a bit better too. She wakes up before I do, so I don't know what time she gets up. The last few days when she woke up she would sit on her bed and wait for me to get up. She could be there for hours for all I know. I put her to bed when I go to bed, around 10 pm. I don't know how long it takes her to get to sleep because I am in my room in bed. She seems to be awake and not too tired when I get up. She has been taking a little nap in the afternoon though, which is something she has been doing for a while now. She gets tired rather easy now. I try to make sure we are home around 2 pm so she can sleep for an hour or so. That way she doesn't fall asleep at the table during dinner or after dinner. We watch a lot of the Hallmark Channel at night. They have Touched By an Angel followed by a nice movie with a happy ending. Mom seems to enjoy them. They are alright, but if she likes them, we will watch. I have to be careful what we watch on TV because sometimes she thinks the shows are real and happening right now. I don't watch any Law and Orders anymore because they scare her too much. I watch a marathon of SVU when she was in the nursing home. I did enjoy watching the episodes even though I have seen all of them before. I haven't seen the last two seasons of the regular Law and Order and the SVU, although I have seen many seasons before.

It has been a good day for us. I hope for you too.


  1. Sounds like Mom is doing well Heather..I think she is glad to be home with you.

  2. I think so too Debbie!! She doesn't seem to remember being in the home and she isn't nervous like she was last week. She is almost back to normal, well, as close as she gets. I learned an important lesson over all this, listen to your gut! So, unless I absolutely am unable to take care of her myself, she will stay with me. She does much better.