Thursday, June 3, 2010

I haven't seen Mom today, I had a doctor appointment and I have a lesson so I won't make any meals with her today. I did speak to the social worker. She called to give me an update on Mom. She is making progress with her physical and occupational therapy, so yeah! to Mom on that one. She also checked into why Mom cries, apparently she cries when I am there. So now what do I do? I can't not visit her, but I make her cry when I do because when I am not there she doesn't think about coming home anymore. She is used to there now. I won't be able to see her today because of my schedule, however I am planning to see her for dinner tomorrow. I will also find out then how her infection is coming along. I know the doctor ordered more blood work yesterday about this issue. My blood pressure was a bit high at the doctors today. I explained why I was so stressed, she said to try and relax about that whole thing. Easier said than done that is for sure. Also, I gained the 2 pounds I had lost. Yuck on that. My weight is going in the wrong direction again. I will do something about that. I am counting down the days until Mom is here with me. I miss her. I am trying to enjoy my time away from her, but it is hard as I take care of her all day everyday. There are some things I don't miss though, I will freely admit that. I don't miss helping her with the bathroom and getting ready for the day or the night. That I don't miss. I miss her during the daytime, you know, how she is during the day. That is what I miss. I don't miss the work part of it at all. I did enjoy telling the nurse assistant that Mom had to go to the bathroom and I didn't have to help with it! It was a relief not to do that. But, still, I do miss her a lot. I am getting used to being on my own and today, to my relief, I found that I am not lonely. I was the last week and the first part of this week. I am enjoying being on my own today. So yeah! for me! I have a link to look at later today after my lesson about a dog. I haven't decided that yet, I need to inspect our house a bit more to see if it is dog or cat ready. I think a pet would be good for me and Mom. She loves animals, but is sometimes afraid of bigger dogs than the smaller ones. I think it would be good therapy for her, but I need to inspect our house and check our funds to see we will be okay.

I talked to Richard, the big brother!, yesterday. I was so excited when he answered the phone. He is going to come and visit us before July after Mom comes home. She will be pleased to see him. I told him she knows who he is and everything, so I think he is happy about that. He is imagining a time when she won't know who he is. I think this last episode with Mom and the hospital had him thinking about her a lot. I told him flat out that last Wednesday when I called him I thought she was dying. Now she isn't. I gave him the scoop on her. He said he would call this weekend, I won't hold my breath because he is very busy but I would love to talk more with him! I haven't been able to get a hold of Andrew, the little brother, yet. I gave up trying. He is just too difficult to get a hold of. I spoke with Richard about what I needed to talk to him about and we made the decision for mom. I tried my hardest with Andrew but he will just have to respect the decision we made. I know he will. Mom comes home in 11 days. I am counting them. I have 11 more peaceful filled days in the Paxton residence before the chaos begins again!

I am looking forward for the rest of the week's lessons and sewing. I haven't been to sewing in 3 weeks. I will be working on Emily's dress this evening after dinner and Frank's lesson. She should be ready for her last fitting on Saturday or early next week, which ever fits the busy girl's schedule. I will also be starting Lily's dress next week so both will be done in time for the wedding even with the craziness of the schedule of visiting Mom.

Pain is back to the normal including the arm and head today. I am a bit more tired than usual as I couldn't sleep last night, don't really know why. I wasn't in more pain than usual, but I did get up a bit earlier than normal because of the doctor appointment and the few errands I had to run before the appointment. I will be heading for bed a bit early I think tonight. I am enjoying reading and working on the computer. I hope this finds you doing well.


  1. Hi Heather, just stopping by to leave you a quick comment. I also "friended" you on Facebook. It looks like you're dealing with some of the same problems that I've been through. It's not easy, is it? I lost my Mom in 2005, but took care of her for awhile before she left this world. Looking back on the months, it was some of the most meaningful time of my life. I also have a history of Fibro and CFS, but I'm better now and not suffering. I host the Health Matters Show for people who want to try to get well! Yeah, to that, huh? I will put a link to your blog on the front page and I'd love to be linked to your blog, too. (hint... hint...) I hope we can develop a friendship :-) Cinda Crawford. Find me at

  2. Hi Cinda! I checked facebook first, so please refriend me! sorry! I usually read my blog first. I will check out your blog! I will figure out how put a link on for your show.