Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So I found out part of the reason Mom is so teary-eyed. Her urinary tract infection is still really bad. They can't seem to get it under control so that is making her emotions go a little wacky. I was glad to discover that because I was about to take her home because she was so miserable. Well, I can't because she needs the medicine and the watchful eye of nurses 24/7 until this thing is cleared up. She cried a bit during lunch because she thought she was getting her shirt dirty with food. I quickly pointed out that she had an apron (okay - a bib) on and she didn't get any food on that either. Then she said, Oh, okay and was fine. The nurse also said she isn't eating much either because she just isn't feeling well. She ate even less today that yesterday. I am now fine with where she is because I know if they don't get it under control they will send her back to Beaumont for further medicines and doctors and such. I hope the tests they do today will be better and she some improvement. Poor thing, she doesn't need this on top of everything else. She is doing fine during physical therapy, yes, they sometimes have to convince her to go. But she will go and then she is fine. She is very tired but I don't think as tired as she was yesterday or the day before. She hasn't also said that her eyes are sore which is a good sign that she is getting some sleep. I still miss her but seeing her everyday is a big help. I am starting to enjoy the peace and quiet around here. I still haven't done everything I said I would do while she is gone, but there is still 12 days left to this. I have been reading a bit more, although I do read with Mom here. She reads her books and I read mine. It is nice quiet time for us.

My friend, Heather, has suggested perhaps I look into getting a dog or a cat. It sounds like a pretty good idea. I will be thinking about that while Mom is temporarily away. It would be good company for both of us, especially when I am by myself. My only real concern right now is that our house isn't exactly where I want it to be, organized-wise. There are still rooms that need to be uncluttered. I will pray about it and think some more.

I am not so stressed now that I know the infection is causing Mom so much emotional ups and downs. I know that some of the tears are because she misses me, but not all of them and she is doing pretty well. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment right before lunch so I won't be able to see her for lunch. I have a lesson right before dinner, so it is iffy if I make it to her dinner. We shall see tomorrow, lunch is definitely out, but not possibly dinner. I plan to visit her sometime tomorrow. Friday is sewing and I am so looking forward to that! It has been 3 weeks since we did sewing and the girls are almost done.

Calli had her lesson today. She is doing so well. She finished learning a song and is learning a new one. I love listening to her play. Her brother, Acer, was here too. He hasn't been to a lesson in a few weeks, although I see him for knitting, I miss the little guy when he isn't here for Calli's lesson. He likes to play with the violins. Heather brought up the dulcimer for him to play with today too. I love how both kids love music and all different instruments. It is so fun to watch and listen. Bob had his lesson today too. He is almost done with one of his songs. His music is so much more complicated now that it takes weeks to learn it and polish it up. He made a few mistakes as he played today, but he knows where they are and will have them fixed by next week. We are also doing a bit of jazz exercises for him too. They are so fun.

Pain is not as high as yesterday, although I do still more of a headache than usual. Kind of annoying, but what can you do? It rained mostly today, which is probably what caused the bigger headache, that and the extra stress. I have just come to the conclusion that I am a control freak when it comes to care with my mother. I have to be in charge and it is hard for me not to be in charge. I am working on that fault and am praying about it a lot this week. I am working on letting it go and let others take care of her. She is in a good place so it isn't like I have to worry about that. They are very well cared for. I just like to be in charge and that is it.

I hope this finds you doing well and having some sunshine!!!!!!

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