Thursday, June 10, 2010

So I took Mom to the ENT this afternoon. A rather waste of time. She doesn't have a growth in her ear after all! Thank goodness for that. She may have TMJ, from what I read and where Mom says the pain is at, it is very likely she has that. The nursing home's dentist will look at her for that. If they don't look at her before she goes home, I will have to find a dentist and make an appointment. We don't really have the money for a dentist, but if that is what she needs, then that is what she gets. I think she does need to go to the dentist anyways since it has been years since she has gone. We will wait and see what happens between now and Wednesday. Only 6 more days until the little person comes home! Yeah!!!!

She is still in a lot of pain, her throat is better, but her ear is bad. She didn't eat much breakfast because of the pain, but I was able to get some lunch down her before the pain took over. I talked to the nurse and asked her to give Mom the pain pills closer to dinner so maybe that will help her. I won't be there until dinner tomorrow and Saturday.

I am so tired today and my head is sore again. I need a nap. I think I will go and take one shortly. I got up at the regular time today, but I don't know exactly why I am so tired except I have had a bad headache for 3 days now. I am very sick of this headache, totally sick of it.

I hope your day is better than mine.


  1. Macomb county has county dental insurance, try the health department to find out for sure.

    good luck figuring it out!

  2. I've been to a Dentist for that and actually had my teeth fitted for a device that you put in to stop the grinding. And, my grinding did stop, but only because my jaw completely locked up.

    They have devices that you can buy over the counter for about $25 that can be boiled in hot water then "molded" to the teeth. Give that a try first. If that improves your moms pain and makes her feel better, then consider going to the dentist for that.

    Here's some information I found on google:
    I am in need of Dental Care but I just can’t afford it!

    If you live near a university that has a dental school, then you may be in luck.
    Many of these schools offer reduced fee services for dental care.
    You will receive treatment from students, but they will be supervised by some of the best people in the field.

    To locate schools near you,
    contact the… American Association of Dental Schools 202-667-9433

    The National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped started the Donated Dental Services program to help disabled and elderly persons who are low-income by matching them with volunteer dentists. Homeless and mentally ill people are also helped. Volunteer dentists agree to treat one or two people each year with dental problems, and dental laboratories that make dentures, crowns, and bridges also donate services.
    In some areas of the country, Dental House Call projects have been started where dentists will come to homes or centers to provide dental care. To learn where services are located in your area, contact…
    National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped 303-534-5360

  3. thanks! I will look into both! I appreciate the help!!!!