Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy June everyone!

Mom is having a sad day today. Apparently she cried through her physical therapy session this morning. She worked out on the machines and did exercises this morning. I was glad to hear that. Made me feel much better than yesterday about my decision to place her temporarily. She has occupational therapy this evening. She ate pretty well for her at lunch. I encouraged her to feed herself and she did do it through most of it. I only fed her a bit when I knew she could fit a bit more in. She did pretty well by herself, so yes, she still has that skill! Yeah! She hasn't forgotten how to eat. I got there before she was finished with therapy so I waited in the lounge for her. She gave me a big smile when she saw me. I knew then she was having a crying day. She has them here at home too, it is just part of the disease, a non-pleasant part, but a part of it. When Mom forgets something she thinks she should know she cries. I am used to it by now. Her anxiety medicine has helped with the tears too, she doesn't cry as much as she used to. I messaged my cousin, Cathy, through face book yesterday and she gave me some suggestions on what to do. Since Mom had a full session of physical therapy today, I am happier with the nursing center. They are very nice there and the staff is caring, it just isn't home to Mom. She didn't ask to come home today so that is a step in the right direction. I let her know that in 12 days she was coming home and she smiled. I only stayed about an hour because after her big morning and lunch she was tired. I wanted her to get some sleep before her occupational therapy session this afternoon. I don't know what type of things they do but it helps her and that is what counts.

I went to the used bookstore after I left Mom, I got 6 new (well, used) books by my favorite authors. I donated about 17 boxes of books 2 summers ago and have been sad I did that ever since because now I have the time to read. I am not feeling really well today. My head and tummy aren't happy campers, but I took medicine and will rest in the living room before my wonderful lessons. I have 2 this afternoon. I can't wait. Without Mom here, I live for teaching. 12 days and counting!

It is really nice out, after my lessons I am going to put my scooter together and go for a scoot. Then when I get home I will charge it because it will probably need it. At least now the automatic garage door opener works. We got that situation fixed last fall and by end of summer, my lovely, little car will be in the garage for the winter!!!!! How cool is that?? She has never been in the garage since I got her in December of 2006, but by then she will be. No more uncovering the little girl of snow! yeah! I am a bit excited about this. The garage will be emptied! I can't wait.

I hope this finds you having a good day and enjoying the nice weather outside!

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