Friday, June 11, 2010

Mom saw the dentist today at the nursing center. They had to give her something for anxiety because she was so upset. I should have told the lady last night on the phone that they had my permission, but I didn't think of it. They called today and of course, I said yes. Her teeth are in pretty good condition considering her age and the fact she has them all. She has one new cavity that is pretty bad, and 1 filling has come out. We will get those taken care of as soon as possible. Thanks to my 2 friends who gave suggestions on dentists. I very much appreciate that. Mom ate 1/2 of her dinner which is good for her. She even drank 1/2 of the 1/2 pint of milk, first time in 3 weeks since she has drank that much milk. I was so pleased with her even though it is difficult to get her to eat and drink. It takes about an hour for her to eat, with a pit stop thrown in. After dinner they usually put her to bed because she is so tired after a long day. She doesn't get time to take much of a nap there because of the therapy in the morning and the therapy in the afternoon. I would much rather her be put to bed early than no therapy or less therapy that is for sure. 5 more days and she comes home, although it really is 4 1/2 because she gets out so early on the 16th. I still haven't touched the dining room table. He he he. I will work on it this weekend. I have just been rather lazy about it but it will get done before she comes home. I plan to get a nice spring/summer bouquet of flowers for her homecoming. It will have been 3 1/2 weeks since she has been home and she deserves some flowers. I plan to go out to dinner with her too, but that will wait until the weekend. She needs to rest up a bit before we go out.

I had sewing class with my girls today! Lydia finished her skirt and Natalie is almost done. I have to take the flounce off again (2nd time) because she put it on backwards. I told her I would take it apart and finish it off sometime next week. I also plan on finishing Emily's and Lily's dresses this weekend. So all in all, a lot of sewing next week! It's nice to have plans to be busy. I will also be able to have knitting next week which is something I have not had in about 3 weeks. Mom will be with me, she loves visiting while my friend and I knit even though she sometimes falls asleep during the visit. Mom gets so tired so easy now that I have to be careful with her. Outside of sewing and 2 lessons, I have no real plans this weekend. I have 1 lesson on Saturday and 1 lesson on Sunday, so perfect for me. I haven't had any response to the ads I put in the newspaper. I am rather disappointed with it, but I tried. There must be a good reason I don't have any new students right now. I just have to wait to find out why and I am not a very patient person. Who knows what God plans? Not me, I am just waiting for the answer. He has been faithful so far in my life, I just have to be faithful now.

Pain is not so bad today, thank goodness for that and my head is not as bad as it was. It is still above normal, but not like it was the last 3 days. yeah! My arm is getting better too, I can even lay on that side of my body at night for a bit now, whereas a month ago I still couldn't. I am pleased that the arm is getting better and less frozen. Maybe by the end of summer, it will be completely healed. We shall see! I hope this finds you having a good day. Mine was good and enjoyable. It is getting hot now, supposed to be very hot and humid tomorrow. I will be hiding inside tomorrow during that weather!

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