Saturday, June 5, 2010

9 more days until the little Mom comes home! I saw her for dinner today. She is looking rather tired and she said her throat was hurting her. I hope that is not a sign of dehydration again. Poor thing doesn't need another episode so soon after the first one. Although, if the doctor wants physical therapy for her again, they are doing it at home. She did say she doesn't like not being with me. I told her it was only for a few more days and she calms down but she is a bit more confused that usual. I think it is because she is really not sure where she is and doesn't understand where I am. She is probably in bed by now as she gets real tired about this time there. No afternoon nap like we have here at home for her. She doesn't make much sense some of the time when I visit her right now. I am hoping that clears up when we are home. I just can't wait until next weekend when she is discharged! I just can't wait. This week has gone by pretty quick which is a good thing and next week promises to be a bit busy too. Thank God for that! I don't like having too much time on my hands when I am waiting for something. I have almost finished all 6 books that I bought Tuesday or Wednesday. I will get more on Monday. I will be bringing some old ones that I don't want anymore back for trade. It makes the books cheaper to buy.

It has been a good day despite no mom here. I took a wee nap after Lily's lesson today. We had Lily's fitting for her today. I pinned her one strap and the top will be okay with the tighter strap, it straightens it out nicely. She should have her shoes this week. Speaking of shoes, I actually need to look at the catalog and order some because I don't have any for the wedding. I don't have any dress shoes and I don't want to wear tennis shoes, they are so not appropriate for a wedding (or any other place where dress shoes are expected) I have very wide feet unfortunately so I have to order my shoes special. I will be looking on the website tonight and ordering them. I hate shopping for shoes, well, I actually hate shopping in general, not just for shoes.

Lily's lesson went well. She finished up 2 songs and will start 2 more next week, possibly, depending on how much time we need to spend on her audition material. She is trying out for summer music theatre class. The musical they are doing is Aida. I love Aida. It is an amazing musical and the music!!!! Oh, it is the best. The music is written by Elton John and the lyrics by Tim Rice and they did a wonderful job. I have the CD somewhere. I haven't seen it since I closed the store, although I know it came home with me, I just don't know which box it is in. I haven't heard any school doing that play yet though. We will have to get tickets right away when they go on sale. Mom really liked the play too. She just loved it and we would listen to the soundtrack in my car when we would go places. Musicals are one of the things Mom and I have in common, one of many. We have many of the same tastes in a lot of things, it is quite scary, my brothers used to tease me and say Mom and I were one person. Really, we aren't, we are two separate people with very similar tastes. I can't wait to see Lily in her first musical. She will be so cute. Of course, it isn't like I am biased or anything, nah, not at all! I don't just think she is an amazing young person, which of course, you know I do think she is pretty amazing. It is wonderful to watch her grow. I have been lucky, I have been able to be a part of some pretty fantastic kids along the way with teaching. One of them should be in Seattle right now. I just realized that. Debbie should be there. I can't wait to hear how her trip went! She was planning some nifty stops along the way.

Pain is normal for the day including the arm and head for a change. I would venture a guess that if my blood pressure was taken now, it would be my normal, low and not high like on Thursday. I am calmly reading, sewing, watching a bit of TV, laundry, and some other light household chores this weekend, unlike all last week and the week before where I was a bit upset. I am calm now. I am used to this with Mom not being here and am calmly counting down the days until she is home.

I hope this finds you doing really well, enjoying your weekend and your family. Family makes everything great, at least mine does!

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