Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mom is doing a bit better today than yesterday, although she is still in pain. She will see the doctor tomorrow. I can't wait until Wednesday!!!!!!!! I just can't. As long as everything is okay, she is coming home Wednesday. She ate 2/3 of her lunch today and had 2/3 of the ensure cup they gave her. That was pretty good for her. Mom was pretty tired by the time I left, I had a bad headache again. Partly from the stress, the other part from the weather. This episode has been so hard on the both of us. Donna thinks part of her ear problem could be clenching her teeth, that is a good possibility. She does clench when she is nervous and she has been a nervous wreck for 3 weeks now since she hasn't been home. She admits to being very nervous. She doesn't understand why. I do. It's because she isn't with me and home, but starting Wednesday, she will be with me and will be home. Her physical therapy is going well and so is the occupational therapy. I only cried a little bit when I was with her today. I think after she comes home it will be easier on the both of us. I have read so many books since she has been gone though, oh my. I read most of the time. I don't want to watch the TV show DVDs we have until she can watch them with me. I enjoy her company especially when we do things together like go to a show or watch TV. Sometimes I read out loud to her too. All depends on what our moods are. 2 1/2 more days!!!!

My head is real bad today, like I said. My arm is a bit sorer than usual too. I think I am extra sore because I am so tense right now. I took a pain pill so I hope that helps with the pain. It is going to rain again here. That's what it looks like outside.

I hope you are having a good day. My days will improve as soon as Wednesday arrives.

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