Saturday, June 19, 2010

What a fun afternoon!!!! First up was Lily's lesson. She is singing "Look to the Rainbow" and "Loch Lamond" and doing a good job at both. She is also auditioning for her summer music theatre play "Aida" so we worked on her audition material. I love that musical. Mom and I saw several years ago and it was simply amazing! Just amazing! The music was fantastic! Mom loved it. I bought the CD to it and practically wore it out in my car. I forgot to find it for Lily so she could hear some of the music before Tuesday's audition. I will find it this week so she can hear it.

After Lily's lesson was Zachary's graduation party. Mom did real well there. She only teared up a few times which is better than she has done and it was mostly while she was eating which is when she normally does it. We ended up staying almost 3 hours, I was surprised at the time when we got back into the car. We met some of Zach's parents friends and they were really nice. I also got to have a long chat with Zach's older brother, Alex. I haven't spoken to him in a long long time. It was great to catch up with him. He is an actor and a singer. We had to get Zach's present on the way because I fell asleep yesterday afternoon so I didn't get to it on my list of things to do yesterday. We took care of it though. I got him 2 movies that he wanted. I asked him on Tuesday at his lesson what he wanted so he called me with a list. I like to give gifts instead of money because they are more fun to me and it is something different too. He told me which movies he wanted and we got him 2 of them. I like that he gave me a choice.

One thing I have noticed since Mom has been home is that she says random things that don't make a lot of sense at times. This is new, well, fairly new. She would do this occasionally before, but now it is more frequent. She is also afraid of doing something wrong, very afraid. She cries because she thinks she is doing something wrong, I tell she is doing good and isn't doing anything wrong, then she is okay. But this happens all day long. I hope it ends soon because this is upsetting her and I don't like that. The couple we sat with at the party were very nice to her. Most people are. I have only had a few people stare at me like why is she out and not at home or in a home, but overall people are very nice and treat her well. We have more doors held open for us then ever. It is so nice because it really makes it easier for me to steer Mom if the door is held open.

Tomorrow is Father's Day. I don't know what me and Mom are doing. I was going to take her out for Father's Day, but I am not sure. She sort of can feed herself, but not very well. She eats more if I feed her and I don't know about feeding her at a restaurant, although I fed her at the party and no one said anything to me about it. I am hoping she gets better at feeding herself, but I am not sure she will. Overall, she is much better than she was on Wednesday when I picked her up. Everyday is a bit better. We have everything planned for the wedding we are going to on Friday next week. I am excited about it. Mom was until the nursing home. She still smiles about it when I mention it to her, but it is a more vacant smile than before. She, once again, is worried about money. Do we have enough for this, for that. Can we pay for this. This hasn't happened for a few months and now it is back. I hope this leaves again soon, I don't want her to worry about money, that is my job. I worry enough about it, she doesn't need to worry.

I hope your day was as great as ours. The sun is out, with a nice cool breeze and no rain at this point. It can rain now, we are inside again.

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