Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I had lunch with my friend, Wendy, from high school. It was fun. I really enjoy getting together with her and chatting. She has to set her alarm on the phone or we would continue to chat and her little boy won't get picked up from school. That would be bad. I am sure he would like to come home. She has one more week of this school stuff and then summer vacation! I know she and the family are looking forward to it.

I saw Mom, as usual, this afternoon for lunch. She was checked by the doctor today for her earache and her throat. She has a growth in her ear so tomorrow I will be taking her to the ENT doctor. The first one I called, she couldn't get in until June 29 so when I was telling Wendy, she gave me the name of another doctor. I called him when I got home and we have an appointment for tomorrow! How cool is that. So after lunch tomorrow, I will take her to the doctor. It will be the first time she has ridden in a car for 2 weeks. Too bad I have to take her back, but I do until the 16th when she comes home for good. I can't wait. 7 more days. Oh, I found her clothes down in the laundry at the home. They are now marked. There is just one t-shirt that is in the laundry now that needs to be marked. I will get it tomorrow. So we are all set on her clothes now.

She didn't eat very much for breakfast or lunch because of the pain in her ear and throat. I think her throat is just raw from the dehydration. They took out the IV this morning. I hope they are going in and asking her to drink every hour or so. They said they would be. I don't know how much she will handle today though with the pain that she is in. I don't like seeing her in pain. I hope this growth thing is easy to deal with because she certainly doesn't need anything more to happen to her. She doesn't understand what is happening now much less if there is something bad about this growth. What could they do for her? But I will be hopeful and find out tomorrow. I am asking for pain pills for her though because she is in extreme pain from this growth. Tylenol just isn't cutting it for her.

Today is a tiring day. I had a really bad headache last night when I went to bad. The type that the tummy had to join right on in. I finally fell asleep but I am so tired today because I didn't sleep that well from the pain. I am going to bed early tonight that is for sure. In a few minutes Oprah will be on. I hope it isn't one I have already seen, that would not be fun. I haven't seen very many for the last few months because of teaching. I don't mind. If I had the choice between TV and teaching, we all know I would pick teaching.

It has turned into a nice day today. I enjoyed the visit with my friend and I do like spending time with Mom even if she does cry a lot. She will be better when she gets home and when she gets something for the pain. I hope you are having a good day.


  1. I, too, am from Michigan, though I now live in Texas. It's good because the Michigan weather is really hard on my Fibro. But, I miss it. It's home to me.

    I Fibromyalgia and have just starting blogging about it. I bumped into you from Debs Fibro page. If you would like to connect with me, my Fibro blog is here: