Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I can't wait until tomorrow!!! Mom comes home. How exciting. She looked a bit happy about coming home but then she got nervous and cried. Poor thing doesn't know if she is coming or going these days. I hope after a few days at home she will even herself out. She ate pretty good for lunch. yeah, they think I am going to puree all her food. That isn't going to happen right now. I cut up her food into small pieces and she does just fine with them. I will be clearing off the dining room table this evening since she will be arriving tomorrow. I want it cleared so she won't pull any piles down. She tries to be so helpful, unfortunately, she pulls from the bottom of the piles not the top so everything crashes down. I am pretty tired today although I am not so sure why. I went to bed okay last night so I really shouldn't be extra tired. I am excited about tomorrow and a bit nervous too since she hasn't been home in 3 1/2 weeks and won't really know where everything is. I hope everything goes okay once Mom is home. She should hopefully cry less since she will be with me, that is the hope. She is very dependent on me and this has been hard for the both of us. She saw the doctor and they don't think anything is wrong with her ear or her throat, not that they can find. I will keep an eye on it and see what happens. She had an ear ache during lunch again but she was very nervous and crying a lot too. I actually wasn't the one feeding her since she wouldn't eat for me, a nurse assistant came over and she got Mom to eat some. Mom wouldn't drink anything though which is normal for her there. I will be putting my plan in action so we shall see how successful I will be.

I have 2 students later today, in about an hour so I am happy about that. After that I will be clearing the table before I eat dinner. I am going to grocery shop tomorrow with Mom so she can tell me what she wants. Pain level is alright for a change. It isn't too hot or muggy out right now so that is probably why. It is supposed to rain tonight though, so my head may get bad with that, but right now it is alright.

I hope you are having a good day.

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