Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Monday! Ugh, and I am tired. We had such a full weekend it was wonderful. Exhausting, but wonderful.

The nurse was here early for Mom. She called to say she was on her way while we were at Tim Horton's. Oops! So I bagged our stuff and we headed back home. We got here just before she pulled in. Talk about great timing! She said Mom's pressure sore is doing better but we need to follow up with the Doctor. So I will call this afternoon for an appointment this week. Poor thing, as if she needed something else to deal with, right? She is not eating well this afternoon like she did yesterday. She ate her donut but isn't eating her muffin. She takes a bite, puts it down, forgets about it, then I remind her and we start again. She is just distracted for some reason today. I am excited about her eating dinner though because Michelle sent us home with left overs!!! Yup!!!! Isn't that great??? I think so. I also need to go to the store to get her Ensure with protein today because we are out. We will do that after Frank's lesson or Callie's, depending on who is last for a lesson. I know Patty had said something about making Frank's lesson earlier, but I haven't heard from her yet. Whatever works best for her, works best for us. That is what I told her.

Other than 3 lessons and a trip to the store, not much going on today. I was going to clean off the table, but I think other than looking for bills that need to be paid, that will be the extent of my cleaning off the table. Emptying the bills will help, just won't totally clear it all.

I emailed Kathy today to ask her when a good time for us to visit would be. I figured it would be easier if she just told us when to come rather than the other way around because she is the one with the kids who have camps and such, and we don't. Our schedule is so much more flexible than hers. Other than teaching, physical therapy, and the nurse visit, we are pretty open for visiting.

Mom is being very careful of where she puts her water on the table now. She nearly tipped it over awhile ago and now she is being completely careful. It is kind of funny to watch. She is at least eating her muffin again. Sometimes she provides some rather interesting entertainment.

Aggie is having a make up lesson today for the one she missed on Saturday. She and her friend, Elena, went to Lansing to give a surprise birthday party to one of their friends. It worked out rather well for me as we were so tired after the wedding I slept in until noon and that is when her lesson usually is. Lily missed hers too because she was so tired from the wedding. It was such a good night. Looking at Lily made me realize how much she has grown. I remember her as a 3 year old, and then her 6th birthday party, the first time she went to a movie with me and her sisters, the first time she went with me alone, and I could go on. She is now 12 and it just amazes me how fast she grew. Rather rudely, I might add, I don't like how fast she has grown, I want her to stay little a while longer. I just get used to one age and then, bam! it's changed to another. She will be in 7th grade this year. I remember her starting kindergarten! It seems like yesterday.

Callie and Frank are having lessons today too. Both are doing really well. It is a lot of fun teaching them. Callie and I giggle a lot during lessons, we can't help it. We get our work done, but we do giggle a lot. Frank is playing such amazing music that it is awesome to hear and hard to believe how good he is at times. He always gives me the low down on whether or not it will sound good though, depending on his practice before lessons. Sometimes, he is right and it isn't quite ready to be finished, but other times he is wrong. He should be finished with the Mozart piece today, I am hoping anyway because he needs to focus on his competition songs in the next few weeks. Competition is about 3 weeks away. We won't be going because Mom can't sit in a car for 6 hours. I just don't see how she can. Maybe I am wrong, and she would be fine, but I can't really take the chance to find out. Maybe she would be fine on the way there, but what if she isn't on the way home? Too much uncertainty to find out. Frank will do fine there, he has competed before and his dad is going with him. It will be a good Dad/Son weekend for them. I just have to remember to give him a note saying he can pick up his score sheets.

It is beautiful looking out, a bit on the warm and humid side, but hey, it's Michigan and what can you do? I hope this finds you doing well and having a great start to the week!


  1. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for a long time! I understand how you feel!! I really don't have good "days". Maybe a small part of a day. I just wanted you to know someone understands!!! I am so sorry you have to have this cruddy ailment too. Welcome to the Sisterhood!

  2. thanks!!!! What a sisterhood, right!!!!!