Thursday, June 17, 2010

It is knitting today. First time in about 3 or so weeks between my schedule, Mom, and my friend, Heather's schedule, we just haven't connected. Today we will. Tomorrow a nurse from the home care will be coming to see Mom. We won't be going to sewing because I have some sewing I have got to do before Saturday, so I am doing some today and finishing up tomorrow.

It is a good day so far. Mom got up pretty well, although she said she was tired and wanted to sleep more but since I had a doctor's appointment for a blood test, we had to get up. She is in the living room sleeping right now. After the appointment we went to our usual, Tim Horton's, and our friend, Rosemary was there. She watched Mom while I went and got our food. Mom did pretty well, she ate some soup and then ate her donut. She cried a bit every so often while we were there. She cries really easy right now, I think because she is so afraid of being left alone. It will take time for her to relax, I think. She is back on her anxiety medicine now that she is home. Rosemary lent me a book about Historical mysteries. I can't wait to dive into it. I love reading. I may read some out loud to Mom. She likes that.

So far today is a good day for the both of us. She looks like she had a good sleep, although she is tired. Tomorrow she can have a good sleep in, we both can. I do want to do some grocery shopping soon, we are out of a lot of food. Right now, she is too tired to go with me, but I figure maybe this weekend she will be okay for shopping a bit. We have a bit of frozen dinners left and enough ensure for a few days. I will be bringing an ensure with us so she has a lot to drink. So far, she has drank about 1/4 of an ensure and about 3/4 of the 1/2 pint of milk. That is a lot for her. As it gets hotter this weekend, I will be upping how much she drinks. She doesn't need another episode of dehydration. That would definitely be bad.

Pain is regular today, not too bad. My head is just it's normal headache, not extra like a few days ago. My arm is alright. I can move it more than I could a month ago so I think it is unfreezing itself. Yeah! I hope it completely unfreezes itself. I can sleep on that side for a bit at night now so my other side doesn't get as sore.

It is beautiful out today. I have the drapes in the living room open so Mom can look out and see the sunshine. I also have the drapes in the dining room open for the same reason. It is nice and sunny out with very few clouds. I hope this finds you doing well too!


  1. Glad to hear you were able to get home care for Mom. That will help take a load off your shoulders. There is so much for you to do for her, even one thing they can do will help you. It also gives you someone to talk to who understands. I remember a nurse telling me that most Alzheimer patients need their enviroment to be the same. Take them out of "what they know" and they can gave anxiety. That would explain her behavior in the care center. Sounds like she might be having a little in coming home. You are doing a great job Heather. I'm sure yur Mom is very proud of you. I know I am.