Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yesterday was a very full day for us. An absolutely wonderful day filled with family and friends, and some new friends. It started like every other day for us. We got up, went to Tim Horton's, ate brunch and then came home. Mom's physical therapist, Lori, arrived about 12:45 pm for a 1/2 hour of exercise for mom. She is doing pretty well although she doesn't have the attention span to always finish the exercise. She does some leg exercises and then she walks a bit to show Lori how her walking is doing, and lastly, her stepping exercises. I am to work on her stepping exercises with her too, to make her stronger. Lori wants Mom walking as much as she can. She wasn't really pleased that Mom was going to be pushed in a wheel chair for the wedding. Her opinion is that Mom can walk and should walk as much as she can. There will come a time when she can't, and then you use a wheel chair, but not until that time.

A bit after Lori left, Tillie and Maia arrived. Tillie was coming to the wedding with us to help with Mom. We sat around and talked a bit before it was time to get dressed for the wedding. Maia's boyfriend, Mark, came to pick her up. He called a few hours earlier because he was worried about her. Maia was coming over with her Mom and they always shop first. Hey, why not, it is fun! They stopped at their regular places. I don't particularly care for shopping so I am always glad they go before they get here. Sometimes, I like to go, but not very often. I can't walk very well or very far and shopping is difficult for me. I do like to go and shop at Walmart's because they have scooters I can ride. We don't go very much because we don't need anymore stuff. We are in the process of downsizing our stuff, so shopping for more would defeat the purpose.

At about 4:30 it was time to dress for the wedding. Mom had a pretty blouse with a nice pair of pants and a jacket to wear. The wedding ceremony would be in es garden, but the reception would be indoors, so I had to make sure she would be warm in the reception. I wore nice dress pants and a nice top which I, of course, managed to get food on during dinner. I was very upset with myself as it was a really nice, expensive top. Tillie wore a skirt with a top and a jacket. Mom looked very pretty in her little outfit. We rarely have a chance to get dressed up these days. We just don't really go anywhere to dress up at.

We arrived at the wedding about 6:00 or so, maybe a few minutes before. We waited inside for a few minutes before we went out to the garden to be seated for the wedding. Once we were seated it was only a few minutes before the wedding began. I have only been to religious wedding ceremonies before so it was interesting to see a non religious wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. Then we went in to the reception. It was a great dinner, amazing choices for the buffet dinner. Difficult to choose, let me tell you. The staff at Addison Oaks were great, one of the managers came over and asked if I wanted a staff person to help get Mom's food. How cool is that? Mom stayed in her chair and I and the waiter went to the buffet line to get Mom's food. Tillie stayed with Mom while I was gone and then she went to get her food. Mom and Tillie stayed until the bride/groom dances and the parent dances were done. Tillie was unfamiliar with the area and wanted to get back to my house before dark. I stayed until about 10:30 pm. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Tillie got lost on the way home so we both got home about the same time. Mom was having a hard time getting in and out of Tillie's van. She isn't used to climbing into a vehicle and Tillie has a van, so of course, the seat sits up higher than mine does. It freaked Mom out getting in and out. Mom couldn't walk very well to the door, she almost fell on the stairs, so poor Tillie, had to practically carry Mom in the house. I felt bad for Tillie, but even more for Mom, she must have been very scared to do what she did. We should have all gone home at the same time with Mom in my car and she probably would have been fine. After I got home we sat and talked until about 1 am. I got Mom into bed pretty quickly, she went up the stairs pretty well considering how tired she was. Only had a bit of a problem at the top of the stairs, which sometimes happens when she is tired. I got her into her pjs and to bed rather quickly, I was pleased with how easy it went. Then I headed to bed.

Tillie had to leave early this morning to help Maia pick up some furniture in storage. She is moving into a new house later this week. So, we didn't see her this morning as we got up at about noon. I was so tired. After we got dressed and had brunch, we came home to relax. I fell asleep and ended up sleeping for 4 hours. I guess I was a bit tired. I don't know how much Mom slept because she was awake when I woke up to make us dinner. We have had a very relaxing day, with mostly filled with sleeping to recovering from the big day yesterday. Tomorrow we will be going to my Uncle John's. It should be a fun day. We are leaving around noon or so, after we are finished Tim Horton's. We won't be staying too late though as we both get tired rather easy and it is a 1 1/2 hours drive.

We have had a couple of good days. I have had a bit of a bad headache for a couple days now, I hope it is gone tomorrow. I hope your day is good too.

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  1. Bill and I went to an Addison Oaks wedding, loved it.
    We go camping there too.
    I think it's the weather giving us these stinking headaches! I've had it too.