Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!! We had a relaxing type day. I had Katie's lesson this morning and then we went to Tim Horton's and then grocery shopping. I think next time I will get Carolyn to watch Mom while I go shopping, although she did really well. The store is big and I ride in a scooter so that leaves Mom to walk around the store. She did good and didn't complain about being tired until we were almost done. We were in the cashier's line to pay when she mentioned she was tired. Once the groceries were put away we both put our feet up in the living room and fell asleep. I think we both slept about 3 hours. I think we were both pretty tired. I am still tired. Grocery shopping is an exhausting adventure to me so I am not surprised that I slept so long. We will both be heading for bed early. At least we both get to sleep in tomorrow! yeah! My first lesson tomorrow is at 3 pm. I was going to get Olive Garden to go but since we grocery shopped I just cooked up something quick. Mom doesn't eat very much so cooking for her is a piece of cake because she doesn't eat a full serving of anything. I got some simple foods that she likes so cooking for the next few weeks will be easy.

We have an exciting week ahead of us. I will finish cleaning off the dining room table. Yes, I know, I was supposed to finish that before Mom came home last week. It didn't really happen. I did take off most of the books that were all over the table, but the bills are still in piles. I will be paying them this week. There are a few that are due. I don't want to pay late notices. I have possibly 3 lessons tomorrow, depending on if Callie is back from camp in time for her lesson. She has a fun filled week of camp this week so I am not anticipating seeing her. I hope to so I can hear all about it and give her her lesson, but it is one of those, if she arrives, she's there, otherwise she is in traffic coming home. I really hope she has a fun time. She is such a neat young person. Frank should be finishing up some music this week and we are working hard on his competition music. It is about a month away from competition now. He is working hard on the music now that school is out.

I tried on the new shoes today, they are a bit tight, but with thin socks they should be alright. They are really cute too so that is a good thing. I am almost ready for the wedding. I just have to do some laundry so I have clothes to wear on Friday. I have Mom's outfit all ready too. I have new slippers for her with new socks. She will be looking cute.

It has been a good day, I hope your day was good too. I tried to call the big brother to wish him happy father's day, but I had to leave a message.

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