Thursday, June 24, 2010

It was a good day today with only 1 small blemish. When one is going to knit with a friend, remember to bring the knitting! Yeah, what can I say, I was so excited about visiting today, I left the project at home.

We woke up a bit late today, noon again. I have been so exhausted this week, I don't know if it is the heat or what, but boy, have I been tired. Mom was awake already, just lying in her bed quietly as usual. She is not a loud person in general and with the Alzheimer's, even quieter. She just sits or lies quietly waiting for me to get up. When we went to leave for Tim Horton's, we ran into our neighbors, Richie and Amy, who were working outside in their yard. It was a brief visit as Mom was having a weepy morning. She cried through a bit of the brief visit. Then we were off. She did much better when we sat with our friend, Rosemary. Mom ate really well this morning. I was pleased. However, at dinner, she didn't eat much. She drank pretty well at Heather's house this afternoon. After several tries of a water bottle for Mom, we found one. Heather had an extra one with a straw that Mom seemed to do well with, so she gave it to us. How sweet was that? So now Mom has a nice new water bottle that we can take everywhere with us. We picked up Heather from the car repair store. She has to get the van fixed after the incident on Monday with the tire on the freeway. What an awful thing to have happen. Boy, who knew a tire could cause so much damage. Hope she gets it fixed rather soon as she does need the van to transport the small children to their activities. Mom did pretty well at the visit today. She started by sitting on the love seat but moved to the piano bench as she was getting uncomfortable. She seemed to enjoy sitting next to Callie on the piano bench. Mom likes Heather's two children a lot. I can tell because they make her smile when they play and Mom likes to watch them. She has improved a lot since she came home last week.

I picked up Elyse's wedding present today. I looked at picture frames but they didn't have any ones that really jumped out at me that said this is it! So, I quickly abandoned that idea and went with a gift certificate for a restaurant. I will sign the card and put in the gift cards tonight. I hope they like it. I am excited about the wedding, I think Mom is to some extent. She doesn't really remember what Elyse looks like, but she does remember who she is. She hasn't seen her in a few years. I hope everything is going well at the rehearsal tonight.

I haven't cleared the table yet. I will have to do it after I empty the garbage in the kitchen and do mine and Mom's hair. We have to get it done tonight because tomorrow afternoon will be rather busy with Mom physical therapy and Tillie arriving. I will get it done eventually, I have to because there is no where for Tillie to sit at the table if I don't, plus I need to find a few bills to pay. Once I move the bills from the side of the table and organize them a bit better, it will be alright. Besides, Mom keeps playing with the pile in the middle of the table. She has already brought it down once this week. She gets to hear me say, leave that alone it will fall. I have a couple of books to move out of the pile and that should help. I also have some laundry to do, I hate doing laundry. I keep putting off that job. I have some laundry to do for Mom.

When we got home from Heather's house, a baby bird fell out of the nest that is on top of our outdoor light. The bird is so tiny and somewhat fluffy looking. I moved it out of the way so no one will step on it. I hope the Mommy bird takes her back into the nest. She needs to live.

I hope the day has been good for you as it was for us.

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