Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just got back from visiting Mom for her dinner. She didn't eat very much. She is in so much pain she couldn't eat. I nearly lost it there when I was trying to feed her. It hurt her throat so much that I almost starting wailing myself. I did lose it when I got home. I am having a difficult time handling her in pain. She is in so much pain and has been for over a week now. Why aren't they doing something about it? Obviously, Tylenol is not working very well. She doesn't understand what is going on as it is, let's just add pain on top of her confusion. Yeah, great, sounds fun doesn't it? I keep telling myself, 3 1/2 days, just 3 1/2 days, that is all we have to survive and then she will be home with me. This is killing me, just as it is her. She calls for me all the time and cries most of the time. Some of it is from pain, like tonight, and some is from fear. She is scared to death and doesn't understand what is going on. If we didn't need her medicine, I would have pulled her out 2 weeks ago, but we need her medicine. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, Wednesday! I can't wait until Wednesday. I will see her for lunch tomorrow and then I won't see her on Monday because of teaching, but I will see her on Tuesday and then I will be picking her up on Wednesday. I think she is getting dehydrated again, because of the head and throat pain. I really hope not. They don't seem to think her pain is any big deal though because they aren't calling in the doctor. So we wait until Monday when she sees the doctor again. I hope she isn't dehydrated and that it is just what is left over from the dehydration, but you never know with Mom. I just don't want a set back that will keep her there longer. I want her home where I can watch her around the clock. She needs to be with me, then she will improve.

My head is very sore today because of the upsets I have had. My whole body aches and I am really tired too. Crying tires me out a lot. Mom asked if I was upset when we got back to her room and I said yes. She tried to pat my shoulder. Isn't that sweet? That nearly set me off too. Today is not my day, I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better. I hope your day went better than mine.

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