Friday, June 18, 2010

I finished the bridesmaid and the maid of honor dresses. The wedding is only next week. The visiting nurse and the visiting physical therapist were here this afternoon to evaluate Mom. Outside of perhaps getting a bit stronger there isn't much else that the physical therapist can do for Mom. I mean, she can't learn any new behaviors, so what is the point? She needs help to get dressed, and pretty much everything. She isn't eating very much and she is drinking a bit. She does usually drink a sip or two when I ask. The therapist was please with how Mom goes up and down the stairs. We showed her around the house so we had to go upstairs. I have to get Mom a toilet frame for each of the bathrooms so she has bars to hold on to when she needs it. I will pick them up when we go shopping on Sunday. We don't have any plans except Katie's lesson for Sunday. Mom still gets upset a bit easy, but not as much as she did yesterday. Everyday is getting better, I think. We shall see.

I am rather tired today. I took a wee nap after the physical therapist left. Both Mom and I slept. I slept for about 2 1/2 hours, so did she. Not much else happening in our house today. Tomorrow is Lily's lesson and Zachary's graduation party. I have to stop and get his gift on the way. He gave me some ideas so I know what to get him.

I hope your day was good too.

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  1. Hi Heather, so glad your mom is home..keep her drinking that water and liquids now..sounds like she is doing ok and sounds like you are ok and I 'hear' relief that she is home.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my pinks today..I was so tired from going to the wedding last night but I was not going to miss pink saturday and I saw the weather on tv and all that HOT PINK, voila! my pink subject of the day..yes i amaze myself LOL..