Monday, June 7, 2010

Mom is dehydrated again and this time at the home. The doctor saw her this morning and had them start an IV on her immediately. She was complaining about a sore throat on Saturday and Sunday but the doctor isn't there on the weekends so she had to wait until today to see him. The doctor also ordered blood tests for her because he doesn't like how she is looking. I am not surprised, she doesn't look good at all right now because of the dehydration. I am not sure if they will send her to the hospital or not, the nurse didn't know. When Mom comes home this weekend this episode should be over if it goes the same way the other episode did. 7 more days until she is home. I plan to carry a drink for her wherever we go no matter what we will be doing. I got my backpack out so that I fit an ensure in there when we go somewhere. I also have the little cooler in the back seat of the car for extra ensures if we are going somewhere for any length of time. I plan on trying to get her to drink every hour she is awake, even if it is only a sip. That will be better than nothing. She is in pain and I asked them to give her something for it, so I am hoping they did. Dehydration is very painful for her. It also gives her a bad headache which she had when I left for teaching. I will check on her tomorrow at lunch. I hope she will be doing much better.

I finished pinning Lily and Emily's dresses this afternoon. I am just waiting for them to come and try them on again so I can press them and then make the hems. I called and let them know it was done. Lily said probably on Saturday they will be here for the fitting. I said no problem! I can finish the dresses Saturday or Sunday and they will be ready in time for the wedding. Mom's problem has thrown a loop into my schedule, but that is okay, we still have time.

Bob had his lesson today and Calli should be here any minute. After that I plan to go grocery shopping as we are out of a few things. It will be weird going to Walmart without Mom but I will at least be able to go as fast as I want on the cart. That will be fun. I need to get a few things for the week and I plan to do the big shopping before Mom comes home so that she won't have to go with me.

Pain is higher today because of the extra stress worrying about Mom and her dehydration. I am just not happy this happened again so soon. She needs to be reminded all the time about drinking and they are just not doing it. I don't understand how anyone can expect a woman in stage 6 of Alzheimer's to remember to drink all by herself. She barely remembers about the bathroom all by herself. I will see her tomorrow and see how she is doing then. I will check on the tests they did on her today then too.

I hope this finds you doing much better than I am right now. Have a great day!!!!

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