Saturday, January 21, 2012

busy day 1-21

It started out with 2 little lessons.  The students did very well and the lessons were enjoyable.  Camille is really coming along in piano.  She is ready for the 3rd book already.  I know, she just finished 1B it seems like.  I really like teaching Camille because she is so excited to play.

After lessons I went to pick up Calli.  I picked her up and we went through the drive thru of McDonald's to get our drinks.  (Grocery shopping makes one thirsty even before we start)  We arrived at Walmart and began our list of items we needed.  I had a long shopping list today.  I needed so much for the month.  Calli and I giggled our way through the food section of the store.  I picked up everything I needed and we then headed to the cashiers.  Calli likes to put the food on the conveyer belt herself so I don't really help much at all.  She is very independent and I really like that about her.  The she would take the bags and put them in my scooter cart.  Before we go outside we have to transfer the bags to a regular cart as I don't like to take scooters outside at all, even if they say I can (which is on clear days, definitely not today).  It is too cold old and it will hurt the batteries.  So once Calli and I transfer the bags from one cart to the other we head for the car.  We put the bags in the car and drive back to my house.  Calli helped me bring them in and put them away.  I am running out of room in the back room for any more cans of soup or vegetables right now.  I will have to rearrange something in the future.

When we were done with that, I was going to go to get my hair washed and dried as they were closed last night.  Calli said, no, I can do it.  She did.  She helped me wash my hair and she dried it herself.  I did the bangs but that was about it.  Calli is very good at the hair.  I think she was very pleased with herself too, I know I was very pleased about the whole thing.  My hair is done and ready for church tomorrow.

We have game night tonight.  We are meeting at their church.  I have never played dungeons and dragons so this is all new to me.  I think we meet once a month and play.  Since I don't usually do a whole lot in the evening (too tired mostly from teaching or doing stuff in the house) I am looking forward to this evening.  I will probably find myself going to bed a bit early too because I am really tired after the shopping and the hair wash/dry.  I also have to get up early for church tomorrow.  I can take a nap after church before the make up lessons if I want or I can wait until after all the lessons are done.  I do have to do some laundry tomorrow too so I may be changing into jammies when I am done teaching.  I am also going to make some nice beef stew for me tomorrow.  I bought a kit of it and it sounds so yummy.  When I get up in the morning I will put it in the crock pot and let it start to simmer all day.  Yummy!  Beef stew!!!!!

The game was fun.  It was kind of confusing at first, but fun.  I didn't realize it was a story type game.  I am a cleric.  Apparently, I can doom people and heal people.  It came in handy tonight as we were journeying to a town and 6 goblins and 1 bugbear creature was attacking us.  Thankfully, there are no visuals because I can't imagine what a bugbear or a goblin looks like.  I am also half elf.  I am not sure when we are playing again, but I think it is once a month.  The church was having its own game night so that was nice.  Acer is too young to play the game so he entertained himself with his play saxophone.  You hit different buttons on it and they play different music depending on what mode it is in.  He also rolled around in a car for a while.  His grandmother was there too only I didn't see her until the end.  She was in the social hall with some of the other church members.  Heather B-T's brother James was there too.  He was explaining all the rules and my character from the game to me.  He was very helpful.  Bill and Heather were too.  Josh is a nice young man who was also playing the game.  I have a book that will explain more to me.  I plan to read it this week and perhaps take some notes.  It was fun tonight.  I have never done a role playing game before so this is all new to me, although I love playing games.  I am hoping to host a games night here at home in the next few weeks.  My friend, Mani from college, is interesting in a game night so is another friend of mine.  I have the room downstairs at the round table or here in the dining room too.  It all depends on who shows up.  I am thinking monopoly would be a good game or Trivial Pursuit.  I have 3 Trivial Pursuits: Disney, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings (the movies not the book).  I also have a game of Sorry and Uno (winnie the pooh uno no less)  It all depends on what people would like that night.

Tomorrow is church, make up lessons, and then laundry day.  It comes awfully early so I am going to read a bit and then head for bed.  I do hope you have had a good day too!

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