Tuesday, January 24, 2012

busy day tuesday 1-14

I went to the Payroll people and got the form I needed.  I would like to know why they didn't send it in 2008, but they didn't really have an answer and I had to pay $125.  I was not a happy camper about this.  That is a lot of money that I could have used for other bills.  I will be mailing it tomorrow with the letter it came with.  I will copy the papers before I mail them though.

Mariela is coming tomorrow to help clean.  I am very excited about this, finally, my house will be somewhat clean with nicely cleaned and scrubbed floors, the bathrooms in tip top shape and the kitchen too.  The family room will be vacuumed and well, everything will just be done nicely.  It is so exciting!  I am asking her to come once a month to help with a good cleaning and perhaps I will be able to keep up a bit.  It is so hard for me because of the fibro and my house doesn't look super good right now.

A couple of my students are ill this week with the flu.  There is a really nasty flu bug flying around in the schools around here.  We cancelled one little guy's lesson ahead of time because he has this horrible flu and I don't think he is going to be feeling much better tomorrow.  I don't wish to take a chance of getting this flu and passing it around to my students.  That is just not recommended at all.  I don't want it nor do I want my students to have it.

I am waiting for the last student of the night to arrive.  She is a competition only student.  I wish she would take regularly scheduled lessons, but she doesn't.  She really needs to have regularly scheduled lessons to work on technique.  Her technique is weak and we need to fix that.

Charlie has rescheduled his lesson to Thursday since he has a 1/2 day of school.  I think he has exams that day too but I am not sure.  Brooke and Brianne had theirs last week so I am not sure about Charlie's school.  They are in different districts so their schedules for school are a bit different.

My girls are home from Washington DC.  I have looked at their pictures.  It looks like they had a really good time.  I am glad.  This was the first time they went on an overnight trip without their mom or dad.  They are 16 now.  That just amazes me because I remember them at 7 and 8 years old!  I am hoping to see them this weekend sometime.  I need some help with the filing and the taking down of Christmas decorations.  I haven't even started it yet outside of taking down the garlands.  Perhaps I will take some down tonight.  I don't know.

Tonight is NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles.  It is also dance moms.  I will watch the NCIS stuff though as long as they aren't re-runs and watch dance moms on the computer.  It is kind of neat that I can watch full episodes of the TV shows on the computer.  It is quite neat what the computers are able to do now a days.  My student, Breanna likes Dance Moms too.  We both think that the dance coach and the moms are crazy.  They really are.  Even the craziest mom at my old dance studio that I went too isn't as crazy as these moms, although they are close.  Either that or time has erased how insane they actually were.  That is possible too.  Of course, the rivalry between the two dance studios is funny to watch too.  At one point they were all a part of the same studio, Abby Lee Dance Company, but the one mom, Cathy, took her daughter back to her studio.  Last week they competed against each other and Abby Lee won, but it was close.  Then there was the issue of age.  Cathy deliberately lied about the age of one of her students.  If I was that mother of that dancer, I would have been super mad at Cathy.  Competitions cost a lot of money and to deliberately lie about the dancers age means the dancer is disqualified.  Anyways, it is an interesting show regardless and I do like it.

the next post will be a guest writer.  Her name is Julia and she will write about Gluten free diets.  I do hope you will enjoy the article.

Have a great evening!

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  1. sounds like a busy day...I've never watched Dance Moms, don't really like the reality t.v. shows much. Looking forward to your guest post as my daughter is one who must stay gluten free.