Friday, January 27, 2012

I want a new Nose 1-27

My little nose has been running on and off since last night.  I would literally wake up to blow my nose.  It is very annoying.  Of course the fear shoots through me, is this just a little cold or is the vasculitis back?  Ever since I had a bout of vasculitis in 2003, a runny  nose just sends fear right down my back until it turns into a cold.  I am hoping it turns into a cold.  I do have a bad headache tonight, and that could also be either  a cold or vasculitis so for now, I just wait.

I at least, feel less "off" today than I did on Wednesday.  That could be either the beginning of a cold or vasculitis.

Anyways, it has been a decent day.  I got my hair washed and dried and had some lessons.  Carolyn, my neighbor and fellow choir member, came over to go over a new song we got last night at choir practice.  It is a good one, but the last page is very hard so she and I went over a few times.  I feel a lot better about it now, I just hope I feel good about it next Thursday during practice and next Sunday when we are singing it.  I simply love being in this choir.  The music is a nice mix and the people are very nice.  It is also very nice getting to know Carolyn and her family better.  We have been neighbors for over 20 years, but it seems like in the last couple of years that I have been getting to know them much better.  They are a very nice family.  Carolyn was the young lady who would come over and stay with Mom while I went shopping or had appointments.  Mom really liked Carolyn and they got along rather well.  Barbara Jean (Carolyn's Mom) was one of the first people I called when they said Mom was dying.  She came over right away.  They are a nice family who I like a lot.  I have spent several evenings with them. Right now they have my first season of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" DVDs.  They have seen the pilot movie and the 2nd episode.  So far, I think they all like the show a lot.  I know that Mom and i spent many hours enjoying that show both when it aired on TV and watching the DVDs.  I also told Carolyn and Rachel, that they were welcome to come and borrow any DVD of mine that they wished except the few that belong to Andrew because they would not be family oriented or appropriate for them to watch.  I plan to eventually pull those from the library and donate them.  I don't watch rated R movies.    At this point, they just don't interest me.

Calli was so funny tonight.  We giggled as usual through our lessons.  She stayed a bit after until her dad came to pick her up.  I went to take a picture of her and then she wanted the camera.  She took a lot of pictures and you should see some of them!  They turned out really good.  For a child who has a smidge, a very, very, very slight smidge of vision in the upper left corner of the left eye, she took some good pictures.  I was really impressed.  I also thought it was cute because she was so excited to take pictures.  Calli just had a ball with that camera.  I will post them on face book and tag her mother and father tomorrow.  I was going to do it tonight but I am getting rather tired.  I deleted the ones that were either too close or pictures of her fingers or my hair (she took a whole bunch of the back of my head!).  She did take 2 of her, they were a little bit clipped but overall, they were good pictures.  Calli is just filled with so many surprises.  Acer did very well too.  He wanted to do a siren for a warm up before his singing lesson.  I didn't have a problem with it because they are a good warm up before singing and I have asked both kids not to sing without warming their voices up.  They always warm up before they practice singing.  They are very serious musicians and I do love teaching them.  Acer has really become more serious these last couple of months about piano lessons and working hard with proper fingering that I am so proud of the young man.  Of course, all of my students are awesome and I am proud of them all.

Well, the news is on and the weather is on right now.  We are getting more snow in the morning, afternoon, and Sunday.  For the total weekend, about 2 inches.  That isn't too bad, but yuck, snow.  Otherwise known as the white stuff.  By Tuesday, rain.  This weather patterns are very strange for this time of year but I will admit that I am totally enjoying the warmer weather that we are having.  Last weekend was the first time the snow actually stuck overnight.  Of course, that has been gone since Tuesday when it started to rain.  I don't ache as much when it is warmer out.  I am not as cold tonight as I was last night.  I am not sure if it was warmer today or not.  It is hard to say.  Anyways, if you don't like the weather in Michigan, just wait a second and it will change!  That is the saying in this state!

I do hope you had a good day.  I am going to read for a bit and then head to my very comfy bed!  I love my new blankets!  They are so warm!

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