Thursday, January 19, 2012

a music filled day 1-19

The house was filled with music today.  I had a few lessons and then choir practice.  It was definitely a good day.  My students Deema and Wama are doing so well for their 2nd lesson.  I simply love the girls already.  they are so eager to learn all about piano.  Deema even went ahead.  She was on the black keys for her assignments and figured out middle C position by herself!  I mean, wow, how cool is that?  I was so pleased at her interest.  Her younger sister, Wama, is very excited too!  It is so nice to teach students who can't wait to learn.

Choir went pretty well.  We are singing a very powerful song on Sunday and not just the lyrics but the range!  As I no longer have a very top range, I often sing the second soprano notes when given a choice of super high notes.  I used to be able to pop those notes out without a problem, not anymore.  Now I can't hit them.  The highest I can now hit is the G on top of the treble staff.  Despite the limits to my high range, I love singing in the choir!  I really do.  there are some really nice people in the choir too.  One gentleman, Mark, has a granddaughter who 5 weeks ago had the same operation I had 28 years ago.  She is doing very well and went back to school this week.  His granddaughter seems to be doing really well and I am glad about that.

I am feeling a bit better tonight compared to the last few days.  Last night when I went to go to bed, I started having major tummy pains.  They lasted until about 3 to 4 am.  the last time I looked at the clock it was 4 am.  I hope for a better night tonight.  I will certainly pray for it.

Tomorrow will be a quiet type day.  I do have a few lessons so that will be good.  Acer and Calli will be here for their lessons as well as Emily.  It is also the day I go and get my hair done.  I go once a week to have someone wash and dry my hair.  I like the ladies who do my hair.  Usually, it is Monica but if she isn't there Cindy will do it.  I like them both. Well, off to do some reading before I head for bed shortly!  Hopefully I will have a much better night's sleep!  I do hope you have a good night too!


  1. a house filled with music sounds absolutely lovely!
    Sleep well.

  2. Heather, I am not musical at all, but I bet your voice is beautiful..and I enjoy hearing about your students and their lessons, too. Also enjoy hearing about your adventures around your home..keep at it! I hope you feel better dear lady, I am having a downer day but trying to keep it positive...