Sunday, January 22, 2012

a nice Sunday 1-22

It was a lovely, restful day today.  I went to church, then came home for a lesson, took a nap, and then went to my neighbor's house for dinner and a movie.  It was lovely.  Dinner was a great, yummy soup with cheese sticks and egg rolls.  They were all really, really yummy, let me tell you!  I thoroughly enjoyed.  The movie was the Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again, part 2.  Don Knots and Tim Conway are so funny.  They were such great comedians.  The movie was really good and so was the company.   I will have to have them come here for a dinner and a movie some night too.

this week I have to go to the company that used to do my payroll when I had the store.  For some reason they never filed a form that needs to now be filed.  I am just waiting for a phone call to let me know I can go and pick it up.  I had though to pick it up tomorrow but I may be going on Tuesday.  I will call tomorrow to see if the paper is ready.  I think the lady did say she would call, but I will just in case.  The form had to be printed from the archives since it was from 2008.

We are having the strangest weather this winter.  It snowed on Friday/Saturday with temperatures in the teens and tomorrow it should be about 45 degrees and thunderstorms.  However, I will take all the warmer type days I can since I am cold all the time.  I seem to ache a bit less at bedtime when it isn't so cold too, it is a small difference but every small difference helps that is for sure.

I need to buy a new rug for the doorway to the garage.  Now that my lovely little car is in the garage all the time now, I go in and out that door and with this wet weather, I don't really have anywhere to wipe my wet shoes on while I switch to my slippers.  My students are getting used to taking there shoes off on wet and snowy days.  I don't like shoes on in the house when the weather is wet or snowy or if there is salt on the ground to melt snow or ice.  I don't want the salt to wreck my carpet.  I know it is old but I like it and have no plans to replace it anytime soon, besides I can't afford it either.

The new round table is working out well.  i like it.  I also like the tablecloth I have on it.  It is cute with hearts all over it since it is a Valentine's Day one.  I have my Valentines too for my students.  I am settling into the new year.  Right now, the 2 students who are going to competition are getting ready for it.  The rest are doing well with their pieces that they are learning.  I will start working on the Spring Concert songs next month.  The girls will be coming over in a week or so to help me file the music and CDs.  We are also slated to go and see a movie!  I can't wait.  They are out of town right now at a youth rally in Washington DC.  I think it is the first one they have been to without their parents.  They are going with their church.  I can't wait to hear all about their adventures in Washington DC.

I do hope you had a great day.  I certainly did.  The movie and dinner was a perfect way to end a quiet day.

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