Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Evening 1-15

I am rather cold tonight.  I had to put the temperature up this evening in the house.  It was just too cold for me tonight even with a fleece jacket on.  I hope it heats up quickly.  It usually does.

I got up early for church today.  We sang "Here I am to Worship".  It is a very neat song.  I really like it.  I have liked all the songs that the choir director has picked for us.  I am really enjoying being in the choir.  I hope Katie is able to join.  I think she would really like it a lot plus she is a good singer.  After church I had Rick's lesson.  Brianne didn't show up so I think her mother forgot about the lesson.  Rick had a good lesson.  He has 4 songs now that he is learning, one Italian, one English classical, one from Little Mermaid, and one Broadway.  The theme for the spring concert this year is movies.  The kids can dress up in costumes too if they want.  It should be a lot of fun but that won't be until spring.  Right now we are just working on regular music, not for the concert yet.  That will start at the end of May.

I am watching a marathon of Law and Order SVU.  I like this show a lot.  It is an interesting marathon.  The theme is legal loophole cases.  I have seen most of them though but they are still super good.

I am really tired today.  I did take a nap this afternoon.  I just couldn't stay awake anymore so I went up and got my pajamas on and fell asleep.  I will be heading back to bed soon.  I think I am coming down with a cold too.  My sinuses seem to be swollen.  It is hard to breath.  I have a bit of a bad headache today too.  It is more than the regular headache.  I hope it goes back to the normal headache by bedtime. I also hope I sleep better tonight since I am so tired.

Tomorrow I have a lesson at 3 pm.  Isaac is going to be absent.  His family is going skiing on the holiday.  I hope they have a good time.  I will still have Rachel though.  She is such a sweetie.  Two weeks ago she was so tired before lessons.  She climbed on the piano bench and was lying on it like a cat does.  Rachel did have a lesson but I am not sure how much she really absorbed.  Last week was a better lesson.  I hope she does well tomorrow too.  She is such a cutie.

I hope your Sunday was good too.

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  1. I hope you got warmed up! It was 63 degrees in KC today! Crazy huh! Have a great night!