Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday 1-5

It was a rather busy day.  I had a few lessons then it was a fast dinner followed by choir practice.  We met a bit earlier than usual and we ended earlier too.  We had a sub director tonight so maybe that was why.  It was fun no matter how early we ended.  Carolyn, my neighbor, was also there as well as our friend, Audrey.  She is about 28 to 30 years old and is starting culinary school in about 2 weeks.  Carolyn is 16 and is a wonderful young lady.  I like everyone I have met in choir.  One of the men, Mark - I think that is his name, has a granddaughter who has had the same operation I had!  She is 11 and has scoliosis just like me and just like me, the curve was too far to have a brace, surgery was the only option.  It has been 3 weeks since she had the surgery and she is up and doing pretty well.  I was very pleased to hear that.  I hope this first year goes quickly for her because a year of no twisting at the waist is very difficult, I know, I have been there.  I had a difficult time with it, but I did survive.

I watched Project Runway All Stars and it was interesting.  Now 24 hour catwalk is on.  It is another weird  fashion competition.  This one has 4 contestants and 2 of them get the chance to make an ENTIRE collection in 24 hours.  I just would not be able to do that.  then again, I can't draw.  I can take a dress from a picture in a magazine and create something close to it.  I have done that for some of my friends for homecoming and prom.  Now that I have a sewing room, I will hopefully start sewing again.  In a few weeks I will go to the Mary Maxim store to pick up a few kits.  I can't this week because I have to pay the mortgage and a few other bills.  Sometime in the next month or two I will go.

Tomorrow I have Calli, Acer, and Emily.  Calli is working on Minuet in G by Bach.  Acer is working on a song called "Om Pa Pa".  It is from the Alfred Basic Piano Series level 1B.  He is working pretty hard right now trying to use his thumbs more often and not sliding his fingers from one key to the next.  I am happy with what he is doing.  Emily is doing alright.  She is having trouble memorizing her notes.  If I start her on the proper sentence, she can read her notes, but if I don't, she isn't sure what to do.  I had hoped that at this point she would know her notes better.  I have to think of something new to do with her to help her.

I am tired now as it is getting a bit late.  I will be heading to bed shortly.  I look forward to my students tomorrow.  I also am going to be working on getting rid of the boxes in the kitchen.  I have two boxes that have my stuffed animals in them.  I will be bringing them upstairs tomorrow.  I have another box in the garage to bring in and unwrap everything.  There are a few things that will go in my room and the rest in my mother's room.  I have a few picture frames that need pictures in it.

It has been a nice day, a bit of a bad headache this afternoon and night, but not super duper bad, just a bit bad.  I hope yours has been a good one.

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  1. I like to read your posts. You are just like that in person I bet! I like getting to know blog friends here, and you are a great person. I enjoy knowing you. You are so sweet always stopping by my blog.
    I am working on two graduation picture frames. Hannah graduated in 2009. Need to get that in order and start on Nicks. He graduates in May 2012. Time flies.
    I did a layaway at my K-Mart. It is going to be spared in the store losses. I love it! I layaway everything there! I found a small china hutch. It will look goo in my living room once I get my house in order.
    Blessings to you!