Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday 1-17

It has been a rather raining, quiet day here.  My first student of the day did not show up.  I was not happy about it.  Her mom called about 45 minutes into what should have been her lesson.  Hopefully, she will make up the lesson this weekend.  My other two lessons did show up and they went pretty well.  Samuel is at the point where he is going to be learning lines and spaces.  Yeah, he is having trouble noticing the difference between a line note and a space note.  I do hope next week will be better for him.  Charlie did well as usual.  He is such a good student.

I am hoping to meet up with my friend, Jennie soon.  I went to high school with her.  She is very nice.  Face book reconnected us as well as other high school friends.  Face book is a good thing for reconnecting.  I also have reconnected with several college friends.  Anyways, I do hope to see her real soon.  I also hope to see Wendy soon too.  I haven't seen her for a few weeks.  She is having problems with her neck.  It doesn't sound too good.  I think we are all falling apart at times, physically at least.

I am going grocery shopping this Saturday with Calli then later that night will be game night.  We are playing Dungeons and Dragons, something I have never played before.  I am also hoping to have a game night here at my house to play monopoly or something like that.  I am not sure exactly what, but that is okay.  I also am going to have my aunt and uncle (and Jayson, my cousin) to come over for dinner  now that I have my nice new to me table set.  It actually makes my dining room look bigger than it really is.  I don't feel so cramped in now.

I am watching a show I have never seen before since NCIS is a re-run this evening.  I am watching "Still Standing".  It is really funny.  Now I wish I had a DVR because it is on the same time as NCIS and when it is a new NCIS, I have to watch my NCIS but this show is really funny.  It is also a Dance Moms and NCIS Los Angeles night.  *sigh* How to choose?  Pretty much every other night I am not that excited about TV and here on Tuesdays they have several good shows.  It isn't fair but I will work it out.  I can watch Dance Moms and NCIS on the computer.  This is such a good show!  It is too funny.

Dance Moms is really funny tonight.  The new Mom is just insane.  She just interrupted a dance rehearsal.  That is the worst thing to do in Abby Lee's studio.  I do think it is crazy how fast they have to not only learn, but perfect these dances.  A new one every week.  These girls are ages 7 to 13.  I will say though, they are wonderful dancers.  Absolutely wonderful.  They have great facial expressions and their technique is really good.  The next competition they are going to is "Rising Star".  I competed in Rising Star 20 years ago when I was a dancer.  I won at regionals 3rd highest score 12 and over.  I went to nationals that year too.  I got 4th place overall for solos.  I was happy with my score that is for sure.  The National Trophy is the only one I have left.  The rest were donated (without me knowing) a year and a half ago.  I was not that happy about it, but now it is okay because I can't get them back.  I am doing pretty well with letting some things go that have happened.  I am not completely there yet, but I am working on it.  I am glad that the trophy was saved.  It was in Mom's room.  Mom was really happy how I did.  I worked really hard for that.  I won first in my age group and then 4th overall.  I sang "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" from "Phantom of the Opera".  I think somewhere in this house is the video Mom bought of my performance.  That was the last time I competed because starting the next fall, I was a full fledged teacher.  I would only send my students to the competitions and not compete myself.  Sometimes I miss the life at the Dance Studio, other times, I don't.  I miss the size I was at the time.  I have gained so much weight after I quit dancing.  I learned the hard way, you don't quit dancing 4 to 6 hours a day to doing absolutely no exercise what so ever!  Yup, I learned that one the hard way.  I also quit because the pain was just too much to deal with.  I had such a hard time with floor work and jumps because my muscles hurt so much all the time.  We didn't know at the time about Fibro or that I even had it.  I don't know what else I could have done if I did know, Mom and I tried everything I could.  She would put heating pads on my hips and legs, as well as Icy Hot.  Nothing ever worked, now I know why, but I didn't then.  Mom always came to my recitals and she did come to some of the competitions, especially my last year.  She was there at the Nationals too.

I got a really neat Picture Frame for Christmas.  I haven't figured out exactly what pictures I am putting in it yet.  It has a whole bunch of picture frames in the big one.  It is really pretty.  I have another one that has room for lots of pictures in it too.  I am spending the winter going through family pictures and seeing what pictures I want in them.  I have some nice pictures of friends too that will go in.  I hope I find the one picture of Kathy and I at her wedding.  I also have a really nice picture of Mom and I at the wedding too.  the photographer was also taking pictures of the wedding party and their significant others.  Since I didn't have one, I had my picture taken with Mom.  Kathy suggested it and I am very glad that she did because it came out very nicely.  I like that picture a lot.

I do hope your day has been good.  So far, I love my new dining room set.  I do feel bad that I got rid of my old one.  I have some memories attached to it, but it was about to fall apart and I don't have the time or the skills to redo it myself.  If Mom were here, we could do it together, but at this point, I am just not going to do it.  the chair that was put out there is gone but as of tonight when I turned off the light, the table was still there getting totally rained on.  It definitely needs to be refinished now after being in the elements now.  I do really like my little round table.  The chairs are pretty comfortable too.  I no longer have to sit on the office chair.  I can take it downstairs in the office soon.  I will leave it in the living room right now, but eventually it will go down in the office.

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