Friday, January 13, 2012

fancy new table and chairs!

I have finally (and it took a lot to do this) have come to the conclusion (several of my friends have been mentioning this to me) that indeed, my lovely dining room table and chairs are, well, in need of replacement.  This breaks my heart as I love the set but it is true.  The chairs ALL need to be re-glued, the table needed to be tightened and probably needs it again, so I will have a new to me set on Monday.  The chairs are already here.  My friend, Heather B-T has bought it for me.  It is a metal table with a glass top.  The table is round and it comes with 4 chairs.  The chairs are high back (which I really like) and the seat is of a pattern that I like.  I can redo them if I want, but I don't at this time.  They are cream color so they will go with the decor of the dining room and kitchen.  I am so thankful for my friends getting me this new to me set because I do need it.  I can't use any of the chairs for the old set since they all need to be re-glued.  For me, I use my office chair in the dining room.  I have one chair from the old set at the table, but no one usual sits there.  I also had 2 folding chairs too since the other chairs can't be used.  Now, I can use dining room chairs with the new to me table and chairs set.  They are very pretty.  I have no idea what my style for furniture is but hey, I don't really need to know right now anyway.  I like the new to me set a lot.  I will have to change the style of my table cloths though since the table is round and all my table cloths are for an oval table.

My all time favorite movie is coming back out into theatres but in 3D.  I have trouble with 3D because I don't like things coming at me in my face.  I have seen some of the nature 3D movies in the IMAX and haven't had a problem with that so I am hoping that since this movie was not originally done as a 3D movie that it won't be so bad for me.  I am planning to go and see it with my Muglia girls in a few weeks.  I am not sure how long it will be in the movie theatre and if I miss it that will be okay.  I love Beauty and the Beast!  It is a great movie.  Belle is my favorite Princess and my 2nd favorite character that Disney has created.  We all know that Winnie the Pooh is my all time favorite character.  He is the best one ever.  I have several plush and beanie Winnie the Poohs.  They are in different outfits, which is why I have so many.  I have Christmas ones, Winter ones, big ones, little ones, and regular ones.  I have a Christmas Barbie Belle doll too.  Momma gave it too me at Christmas one year.  I like it a lot.  I also have a Cinderella Doll that Mom bought me too.  Cinderella is my 2nd favorite Princess.

Last night in choir we sight read a beautiful piece called, "Use Me".  It was simply lovely.  The choir accompanies 2 soloists - 1 male and 1 female.  I am really enjoying being a member of this choir.  The church service is different than what I am used to but I am enjoying the change.  I like the congregational singing part of the service.  The service goes quickly it seems.  The messages are always making me think and examine my own life and my actions.  It has really helped me a lot.

Tomorrow I am meeting a fellow teacher who happens to be a former student of mine!  She is new to teaching and has a few questions.  I don't mind and it makes me feel good that I can help her.  I did ask her to call and let me know when she is coming because the weather is supposed to be a bit iffy tomorrow.  We did set a time frame so that is why I ask for her to call first, this way I won't worry.

I am going to work on the kitchen this weekend.  I have several boxes that are now empty and need to be broken down for another use.  I also want to take down the Christmas Tree and put the decorations away.  I have a few boxes in the dining room that need to be taken care of too.  I will put the tools in the tool box and the rest of the stuff in the furnace room on the shelves.  I know there isn't much room left in the furnace room, but these will fit, I am sure.

Next Saturday, Calli and I are going grocery shopping.  That should be fun.  Calli is so fun to go grocery shopping with.  We have many good giggles while we shop.  I have quite a list this time.  I am working on eating at home more often.  I have some yummy soups that I add some chicken and vegetables too to make it more of a stew type thing.  I like stews, whether it is a beef stew or chicken stew.  I also like to add some seafood to it.  I start with a nice potato soup and then add a few things to make it yummier, if that is possible!  I have some other type soups from that same brand that are really good too.  With winter here, I don't always like to go outside each day.  I am cold most of the time and it is cold here for the next few days.  My new blankets shed.  I have brown specks from the blankets all over my pajama top.  I am not sure what to do about this.

I only have 1 lesson tomorrow and 2 lessons on Sunday.  1 of them is a make up lesson for tomorrow as Brianne has an exam to take for school.  The other Sunday lesson is Rick.  He goes back and forth between lessons on Saturday or Sunday depending on his schedule.  Either day works for me.  I come home from church and take a wee nap in the living room while I wait for him to arrive.  I am planning on being at church this Sunday.  I am really going to be working on making sure I am there every week.  It is super early for me, but I feel so much better when I start my week with church on Sunday.  Mom used to say that and I never really understood what she meant until the last few months.  My week seems to be better when I go to church every week.  I am trying to be more dedicated and make sure I go every week.

I do hope you have had a good day and have plans for a fun filled weekend.  I just want to get a few things done around the house and teach a few lessons, that will make me happy.

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  1. are you getting snow yet? We are expecting our first storm this weekend, went out and stocked up on soups today!