Monday, January 23, 2012

the start of a fresh musical week

Mondays usually start rather slow except for once a month when I have the Muglia girls.  Then I get up early and head straight over.  This was not the Muglia day though, so it started rather slow.  Bob has his lesson and then my little Rachel.  Isaac was sick this week, poor kid has the flu or the start of something.  Selma was here for her lesson.  We chatted for a good 30 minutes before we actually started.  Oops!  It was a good thing I didn't have a student after her tonight.  We had a good chat though.  She is a wonderful young lady and very talented.  She is also artistic so I may ask if she will design the spring concert cover.  I like to do that every so often, have a real piece of art as the cover.

Tomorrow I will, hopefully, get the last piece of paperwork for the store.  I sure hope so.  I am tired of this IRS stuff.  At least I know this will be the last of all the paperwork that was not filed.  I plan to ask why this was never filed.  I paid them to file those types of paperwork and they didn't.  I want to know why because this has caused me trouble with the IRS and they need to tell me why they didn't file any of the 3rd and end of the year paperwork.  Anyways, the end of the year stuff has been taken care of, I am working on the 3rd quarter stuff.  We lost the store in the middle of the 3rd quarter so they should have sent the paperwork.

I am very excited about my schedule now.  I was so scared last year at this time because I didn't have enough students to help pay the bills.  I was also scared because I didn't have Mom anymore.  Now I am not as scared.  It took a year or so before the fear calmed down to a more manageable level.  I am still get scared but I have good friends to speak with if I need to discuss something.  I am thankful for that.  I also have got my power of attorney for health care in order.  I just need the other power of attorney to finish.  It is good to be prepared.  This way, I won't need it.  I figure if I don't have it, I will need it, if I do, I won't.  That was always how it happened with Mom and me.  I miss her all the time but I can think about her without crying now, which is a step up from last year at the time.

I have to burn some CDs for Tracey tomorrow.  I do hope you have had a good day.

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