Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday 1-18

It has been a good day.  I had a few lessons, Rahul and the Richards' girls.  They are all so cute.  Allison did well today too.  She is working on confidence, she is getting better so I am happy with her progress.

My phone doesn't seem to be holding its charge now.  It is a concern for me.  I don't know if that means I should just get a new phone or a new battery for the phone.  I am so not good with phones.  This phone has been such a good little phone.  I have pictures of Mom on it so I need to somehow get them off of it.  I am just not sure what to do with it right now.  I have asked my friend, Ross, what to do.  He is a tech guy and good at it too.  I don't know how much a new phone even costs at this point.  I know that my contract is not up yet but when I was qualified to get a new phone, I didn't get one.  Phones are so very confusing!  I don't want of the touch type ones because I don't really like them.  I like the style of my phone even if the pictures are not super great.  I still like it a lot.  I just got an answer from Ross.  He said a new battery would be the way to go so I am going to.  I should be able to get it from  The phone is charging right now so I hope it will last at least until tomorrow so I can research what type battery I need.

My old dining room table is at the end of the road right now.  So far, only the chair has been taken.  The other chairs are down in the family room.  They will get brought up and taken out soon.  I am not worried about that and they are not in the way in the family room.  It is awfully nice to have a nice library.  Whenever I finish a book, I just go down the stairs and get a new one.  I put one away and take the other up the stairs.  It is quite cool.  I am saving up for both a blue ray player and a new TV.  I am planning to get a small TV for the kitchen/dining room and take the one that is currently in the dining room back down in the family room.  The blue ray player is for the family room too.  I already have a DVD player in the family room.  I have one up in the dining room too.  The TV in the kitchen/dining room is the old style with a big back to it.  I want a slimmer one for that room.  It is still a really good TV, it just is too big for the kitchen/dining room.  Eventually I will repaint the kitchen/dining room.  First I need to put new flooring down for the entire kitchen/dining room/utility room floor.  The old floor is not a very good color anymore.  Maybe the new person who is coming to help me clean will be able to get some of the stains out of it.

My head is a bit sore more than usual this evening.  I don't have a sore throat but it seems like it is about to get sore.  It is a strange feeling.  I have felt like I am coming down with something all week.  I sure hope I am not.  I do not want or need a cold.  I have a busy day tomorrow with a few lessons and choir practice.  I am not sure what song we are singing this week in church.  I can't remember right now.  I will find out tomorrow.

Well, it is getting late and I am getting tired.  I will go to bed earlier than usual tonight because I teach a bit early tomorrow and I have to go to the bank before my evening lesson.  I owe one mom $2 because I was $2 short with change last week when she paid for books for her girls.  I hope you are having a good day.

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  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you're not coming down with something...the fibro is bad enough on its own!