Tuesday, January 10, 2012

more progress 1-10

Today is a good day!  Today is Kathy's birthday!!!!  I made sure I called her to wish her a happy birthday.  I finally got to speak with her before my first lesson.  She is getting the Ultimate Edition of one of the Harry Potter Movies.  I am very excited to hear about that!  I can't wait to hear if it is awesome or not.  Part of me is hoping it isn't very good or worth purchasing because then I will want them.  What can I say?  I love Harry Potter!  I guess I should just add this to the list of things I want: a blue ray player, nook color, and all the Harry Potter Ultimate Movie Collections.  The list of wants.  I am working on other things first, but I still have some things I want.  Compared to things I used to want, I think the list is rather small.  I feel relived that the property taxes for 2010 have been taken care of.  I am now starting on the 2011 property taxes.

Tomorrow is my blood test, 2 weeks past due since I slept through the last appointment and forgot to make it all last week.  I will be working on this for 2012 so that I am on top of this issue.  They are important because I have to have my blood in "therapeutic range" so that I don't get another blood clot.  I really don't want another one.  They hurt an awful lot and well, you can die from them so I don't particularly want another one.  I am going to work on making sure I do what I am supposed to do such as NOT sleeping through appointments.  I have done this way too much in the last few years.  I also have another test that I have been putting off.  I will do it this week.  I go see the tummy doctor in March so I have to have it done soon.  She did ask to have it done by Christmas.  Woops, Christmas was a few weeks again and I haven't done this yet.  I also will make sure I do NOT run out of medicine like I have been.  I will no longer wait until I am almost completely out before calling in the refills.  I will call when i notice there is just one week left of medicine.  This way, if the refills are out, they have time to call the doctor and fill it.  This way, I will not run out anymore as I have a lot in the past few years.

I cleared off the dining room table and it doesn't look like I did much.  Yeah, I don't know.  I haven't touched the kitchen counter yet.  That looks rather scary too.  I think I will look at that tomorrow before lessons, after the blood test.  

Dance Moms is on and so is NCIS Los Angeles.  I will watch NCIS Los Angeles online afterwards.  It is annoying that I have 2 shows I like at the same time on.  Oh my!  I don't know what is on afterward but I am sure I will find something.  Boy, my typing isn't so good tonight.  I keep having to go back and fix words.  Dance Moms are having auditions to replace the girl who moved away.  Once again, there is trouble.  One mom doesn't like that her daughter didn't make the team so she was yelling at the director.  Well, welcome to the world of dance.  Dance is a VERY subjective art and believe me, the performing arts are filled with things like this.  It is the same type thing in music.  I work very hard to make sure I DON'T favor over another when it comes to performances and competitions as well as lessons.  Most of the music teachers I know do the same thing as me although at competition, I have seen the stage mom and the stage teacher at competition and they are such a distraction.  I will say though, these girls dance beautifully at such young ages.  They really do.

I have to remember to send in  copy of my mother's death certificate to one doctor's office.  I keep forgetting to send it to them.  They keep sending me bills.  I have called them over and over to tell them, but they keep sending me the bills 1 1/2 years later.  It is very frustrating.

I am looking for a new planner.  I am not happy with the one I bought.  I really am not.  I have to go to Office Max tomorrow after the doctor's appointment.  I hope I remember to do this!  Well, I hope your day went well and tomorrow is good too!

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