Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year has begun 1-2-12

I only had 1 lesson this evening, my handsome boy, Isaac.  He had a good Christmas and New Year's.  His Dad has some cousins up north so they went to visit them and to go skiing.  I am so glad he had a great time.  I miss skiing.  I used to love to go skiing, but with the new medicine, I can't go, but that is actually okay as I think I am too big to go now.  I could break something and that would be bad.  Bob had to reschedule as he is just recovering from being very ill this weekend.  He is coming on Wednesday instead, which works out just perfect.

I have to pick up some music tomorrow for my new students.  These ones are from the online company.  There are 3 of them.  I have to pick up some other books for a couple of my other students too.  I will pick them up tomorrow when I go to the music store.  I have written down what I need including the number of books I need of each.  This way I will not make the same mistake I did last time.  Next week my 3 new ones will be starting.  It should be a good January with not many absences planned at this time since there is no big holidays.  Tuesdays are my light days at this time.  Thursdays are booked completely now.  Wednesdays are pretty booked too.  I have left spaces open to rest when I need to.  I won't get to the point where I am getting sick again and will end up back in the hospital.  I only had 1 visit to the ER in 2011 and I would like to make 2012 a hospital free year, that is my goal.  I need that this year.  I was very lucky though because I owed the hospital a little bit of money from my last few ER visits.  I called the hospital to see if I could get a smaller monthly payment.  I had to send in some papers and then I got a letter stating that the hospital foundation paid the ENTIRE balance that I owed!  Talk about a cool blessing!  This included the last ER bill.  They didn't even send me the latest bill, they just paid it.  It was very helpful to me.

This week I will be organizing what I need to do for the year.  I have some of the things on my 2011 list left, but many are crossed off.  It makes me feel good that they are slowly getting done.  I am so thankful to Julie and Ross because they have helped a lot.  It is nice because they ASK what I want and what I don't unlike the previous help I had.  I have gotten rid of many things in the family room.  I love how my family room looks so far.  I am planning to put pictures up on the walls this summer.  I am not sure which pictures I will put up, but I will find some.  I know that there are some really good pictures in the box under the shuffle board.  So far, there is no plans to move it.  Right now it is on the sewing side of the room.  It isn't in the way like I thought it would be.  I am glad about that.  I will decide later what to do with it.  I have the exercise equipment I don't want in the middle of the room in front of the fireplace.  My machine that I am keeping is in its place ready for me to use.  I plan to start this week.  I hope I can work up to 30 minutes eventually.  Right now, I think I am up to a minute, if that.

It has been a decent day especially with Isaac's lesson.  I do hope your day was good too.

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