Sunday, January 8, 2012

A quiet Sunday 1-8

Eight days into the new year!  Wow, time is flying (as usual) by.  I wasn't feeling so good this morning so I didn't go to church.  I also had to take a nap this afternoon (late afternoon) and I am still super tired today.  I think this is telling me I have enough students and any more will be too much for me.  I think it is a big reminder to pace myself better.  I don't think I paced myself very well this last week.  I will be more mindful of it this week.  I really have to be careful of Thursdays as that is a jammed packed day with lessons and choir practice.  Thank goodness Friday is a quieter day.

I have been reading a lot of Danielle Steele novels again.  I get them at the used bookstore.  I also like Bertrice Small, Catherine Coulter, and Katherine Stone.  I also have rediscovered Sidney Sheldon.  I read a bit every day, some days more than other.  I like to read.  It is all my mother's fault I like to read.  He he he!!!  It is thanks to her I can read.  Mom's hard work, and trust me, it was very, very hard for me.  I remember crying a lot during the first week saying I was too dumb to learn this.  I was just stupid.  Well, we all know that mom did not think I was stupid.  Now it is a breeze and I love it.  Mom had problem with reading in that if she sat still too long, she would fall asleep.  I took her to Les Miserables years ago and she had a rough time staying awake.  I remember bumping her leg a lot.  She said she heard everything during the show, she just didn't see everything.  This happened a lot when she sat still.  We went to a lot of shows together (both theatre and movies) and many a time i had to bump her leg to wake her up.  Poor Momma, she just couldn't stay awake a lot of the time.  Even when we would watch TV downstairs in the family room with our feet up, she would fall asleep.  I can still picture her sitting in her dressing gown with her comforter around her and her feet propped up falling asleep watching TV with her.  It makes me smile to think about her.  so anyways, I have been reading a lot these days.  I have a few new movies that were on sale at Walmart this past week.  I got Oliver and Company, Lion King, and Bambi II.  I plan to watch them sometime in the future.

I was going to take the Christmas decorations down today but I was so tired I didn't.  I will start doing that tomorrow.  I am going to ask Charlie or Bob to take down the garland in the dining room and the hallway.  I had to get a new Storage Tote for my ornaments.  I knew that I would need a new one when I pulled out the new box of Disney ornaments.  I love my Disney ornaments.  Mom and I were huge Disney Characters fans.  We love the animated movies and TV shows.  It is funny because when I was a baby (or so I had been told) I was introduced to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as well Minnie Mouse.  I really liked them (we had the plush toys) and wanted to play with them a lot along with my dolls.  (I loved my dolls!!)  Well, after a bit, Mom got a hold of a Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy.  She introduced me to Winnie the Pooh.  Much to her surprise, I didn't want anything to do with Mickey and friends anymore.  I ONLY wanted Winnie the Pooh!  She said she would bring out Mickey or Minnie and I would look at it and say, "Want Pooh."  She tried to get me interested in the others, but I just wasn't.  Mom only had herself to blame though, after all, she introduced me to Winnie the Pooh.  To this day, I am a Winnie the Pooh girl, through and through!  When I got really sick and we went to Disney for the first time since I had been super sick, she bought me a new Winnie the Pooh.  I thought I was ruining her vacation because I had to go and take a nap in the afternoon everyday.  I was so tired.  I had to ride in a scooter for the first time ever but Mom said she knew I would need to rest more.  That was why we had gotten a 6 day pass instead of 4 days.  Mom said I wasn't ruining anything.  She didn't mind the extra stuff we had to do.  It made me feel good.  On the first full day I took a nap, I woke up to see this Winnie the Pooh dressed in an Animal Kingdom Outfit staring at me.  It was from Mom.  We bought a few other Winnie the Pooh beanies dressed as other characters that trip.  We had a great time.  It was the 100th birthday of Disney so that was shy we had to go.  I mean, we had to celebrate Walt Disney's birthday!  Mom and I loved the same rides and the shows.  We really had a good time together when we were there.  We also went to St. Augustine, Kennedy Space Center, and Key West that trip.  It was because I knew Mom would always have a good time at Disney and remember she had a good time that we went so much near the end of her life.  Yes, we could have gone other places for vacation, but new things scared her.  I didn't think she was as scared being there because she remembered us being there when we were young.  Mom always had a smile on her face when we were at Disney.  From the moment we woke up and I told her where we were to when we went to bed.  She loved Disney.  Peter Pan was one of her favorite rides so we always had to go on that one a few times.  I LOVE it's a small world.  When I was 5, we went to Disney World.  Those days there was only the Magic Kingdom.  I remember going through it and loving it.  I had been told that I wanted to go through it several times until I knew the song by heart.  Mom took me while my brothers went with my dad to ride other things.  Momma bought me the little 45 record of It's a Small World.  I sang it's a small world the entire drive home.  All 2 days of it!  I think I drove my family crazy by singing it over and over and over.  Since I sang all the time, Momma could tune me out, but I am not sure if my brothers were so thrilled with it.  It makes me laugh now thinking about it.  As soon as Mom learned (from the Disney TV show) that Disney World was open, she made plans for us to go the next summer and we did.  Mom and I have both been to Disney World 13 times.  Out of the 13 times, 11 times we went together, some with the other parts of family and some with friends.  I would like to go again but it won't be for a few years.

Anyways, this is getting rather long and I have noticed that Blogspot cuts out parts of your post if it is too long.  I do hope you had a good day and will have a wonderful night!

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