Monday, January 16, 2012

The table has arrived!

Yes!  It is here!  The new to me table!!!!!  Here is the final look of the table:

It is a bit smaller than the old one, about 1/3 smaller, but that is okay!  Less table for me to load down.  I can comfortably fit 5 or 6 people at the table and that is what counts.  I don't have a lot of company over anyhow so that is just fine.  I will have the next subdivision meeting of the board of directors here.  It will be the first time I have had them here in a few years.  It should be a good evening and I am looking forward to it.

It has been a slightly weird type day for me.  I was so exhausted last night.  I went to bed at 10 pm (which is not like me at all!) and woke up at 2 in the afternoon.  Yes, I said 2 pm.  I did wake up every few hours as usual because of pain.  I would get up very groggy and stand up, then turn and go back into bed.  I was very light headed this afternoon when I got up.  It was all very strange.  I am feeling alright now.  I am certainly not that tired right now that is for sure.  I do hope I am fine tomorrow too.

I have had a strange thing happen every night the last week or two at night in the middle or near morning part of the night.  For no reason, I will all of a sudden feel like I am going to throw up, sometimes I will for no reason and not really any warning.  I already take some medicine for acid reflux and I don't have it that bad so this is just really strange to me.  It is annoying to me and rather upsetting.  I am wondering if I should call my tummy doctor on this one.  It has been about 2 weeks since it starting.  It used to happen every so often, but now it is more than that.

I just got back from Walmart.  I decided that I needed a Valentine's Day table cloth for the new to me table.  I wasn't going to get one, just let the glass be the top.  Then the fingerprints (mine) kept showing so I thought, you know what, I am a table cloth kind of girl, so I got a new one.  I didn't have a Valentine's Day one anyways so I was going to get a new one.

My dear friend, Julie, just called a few minutes ago.  Oh my.  I knew she had not been feeling well, but I had no idea what was really going on.  I am so glad she told me.  Julie has a heart murmur and now the valve either needs to be replaced or a balloon put in it.  She thinks that it may be done as early as next week.  She has gone to a great hospital, the University of Michigan hospital so that is great news.  I am not sure if there is a test before she gets the procedure or not.  Now her heart is enlarged.  This is because the valve is not working well.  Once the procedure is done, whether they replace the valve or put a balloon in it, the doctor said in 4 to 6 months, the heart should go back to its normal size.  I sure hope so. If you can, please add Julie to your prayer list.  I would greatly appreciate it.  I am so glad she told me.  I was wondering what was going on.  While she was working here at my house she would get out of breath super easy.  I totally understand why now.  Julie sounds very up about this whole thing too.  I told her to let me know what needs to be done.  I will re-arrange lessons and have make ups if she needs help.  She is a very good friend and has been for many years now.

The snow is now gone.  It is about 42 degrees out this evening.  Light rain was falling as I was driving to and from the store.  I also got a couple of Valentine's Day window clings.  They are very cute.  I haven't even taken down the Christmas Decorations, and I am planning Valentine's Day decorations.  I am a silly at times.  I am getting a bit tired again, not like last night where I was so exhausted beyond belief.  I do hope not to sleep as much as I did last night.  I hope for a good night's sleep with waking up at the regular time.  

I finally took picture of the family that Julie helped me (she did a lot of the work) clean up and de-clutter.

I do hope you had a good day and evening.  


  1. very nice!! I will keep a look out for round table cloths when I'm vintage shopping for you. Hope you feel better and get some rest tonight. Call the doc!

  2. I love the table! So sorry that your friend isn't well.