Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday 1-20

Fridays are usually quiet with a few lessons and that is about it.  I usually get my hair washed and dried on Fridays after lessons but because of the storm we are getting, they must have closed early.  It is kind of a bummer for me.  I guess I should have gone earlier when I first got up or before my first lesson, but I didn't.  I waited.  The roads were not very good when I went out.  I went right there and came right home.  My cousin is supposed to come over tomorrow to shop and pick up some packages at my house, but I am not sure I will see her.  I will find out tomorrow.  I will check facebook right away when I get up to see if she will be arriving or not.  I have 2 lessons tomorrow.  One will be a rather long one because we are actually doing 2 lessons at that time, the other will be a regular lesson.  After that, my cousin is supposed to stop by and pick up the packages then Calli and I will go grocery shopping.  Tomorrow night is game night at Heather B-T's house.  That should be fun.  Sunday will be church in the morning with 2 make up lessons in the afternoon.  It should be lots of fun.  I am looking forward to going grocery shopping with Calli.  She is such fun to go shopping with.  Calli is very independent, very.  She likes to be in charge of the scooter when we are in line.  She likes turning it off when she wants.  Calli also likes to steer the scooter.  If the part of the store we are in is not busy, I will let her help steer however, if it is busy she just holds on to the cart part of the scooter.  We have so many giggles when we are shopping.  She likes to take things off the shelf and put them in the cart.  I just direct her to the shelf that the items are on and she picks them up.  Calli is very much a big help to me, not just company, although she is very good company too!

Emily is doing better on her notes this week.  I think the computer game was really helping her but her dad got a new computer for Christmas and the new computer doesn't have the computer game on it.  Breanna has it right now so when she gives it back next week, I will give it to Emily.  The game seems to help all the students.  I have noticed that several students who were having trouble remembering their notes started improving when they started playing the computer game.  My goal is to have Emily know her notes down pat by the time she is finished with the level 1B book she is in.  I like to have all the students really well by the time they start level 2.  Usually by the end of level 1B the students know their notes really well.  Level 2 has them starting to move their hands away from the 5 finger positions that they are used to.  The songs are much more complicated too with 3 note chords instead of one note at a time in the bass clef.  I just wish the vocal music had level music books too.  The Royal Canadian Conservatory does have levels, but they don't have CDs to accompany them.  They still don't.  I do hope some day they do because there is some good music in them.

I wonder how much snow we have right now.  We are supposed to get about 4 or 5 inches overnight and into the morning.  I am so glad and grateful that my car is in the garage.  It is the first time in 15 or so years since my car has been in the garage.  I also like it because then no one knows whether or not I am at home and since I am avoiding certain people, it comes in handy.  I haven't heard from them so that is good.  I do hope they never call again.

I hope you have had a good day.  I am tired now.  I don't seem to be the extreme exhaustion that I had earlier in the week.  My tummy has actually been okay today and yesterday so maybe the episode is over.  I can only hope so.  Tomorrow I get up earlier than I do during the week because I teach earlier in the day than I do in the week.  Unlike most people, my Saturdays and Sundays are my early days while during the week I get up later.  I do hope you have a good day tomorrow!

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