Wednesday, January 11, 2012

wednesday - 1-11

It is Wednesday!  Woohoo!

I had to go and pick up some new music for my students.  I also stopped at Barnes and Nobles to get a new planner.  I don't like the one I got so I got a new one.  It was only $5.80.  It was definitely a bargain.  I have a nice new calendar to put up.  I got it from Kathy.  It is Harry Potter!  I am sure absolutely no one is surprised about it being a Harry Potter.  I like it.

It has been a quiet day with a few lessons.  I did go and get my blood test done for my pro-time.  I was about 15 minutes late because I was so tired that I reset the alarm for 20 minutes.  I knew that being late was okay as long as I don't miss it totally.  It only took 1 poke today!  That is a great thing since I am a very hard poke.  A few times ago, I ended up having to come back a couple days later.  Since I also needed the flu shot too, it wasn't a big deal.  Fortunately, that happens very rare.

I have most of my bills in my new bill file.  I am really working on being very organized with my bills this year.  No more tossing them on the table behind my computer for this girl!  I found a few discs in books on the table for teaching.  I will burn them some time this weekend.  My Muglia girls are going to come sometime later this month to file and sort music.  I will also be putting the CDs away too.  I am thankful that they will help me.  I also have a lady coming to help me clean the house once a month.  I am thankful for that.  I hope it doesn't cost that much money.  It will be tight.  I probably should have asked her to come the week after because I would have been paid from takelessons at that point.  It will work out somehow, I know it will.  I will also be able to make a good payment on the property taxes 2011.  It starts all over again except I have more time to pay before the deadline.  Soon, I will be caught up and will just be saving for the current year's bill.  It will be a nice relief.

We haven't really had any snow this winter, which is kind of weird for Michigan.  We have had a few snowfalls, but none that stayed on the ground very long.  We are supposed to be getting some tomorrow as it gets colder this weekend.  We have had rather warm weather for January and in December too.  I haven't really minded because people drive crazy in the snow.  My car is in the garage now so I won't have to wipe any snow off.  I am very glad about that.  I need to take some time to clean my car windows.  They are not so good right now.  I always forget about them until I am driving.

Tomorrow is a filled day with choir practice and a few lessons.  I will be a bit late for choir because of a make up lesson tomorrow night.  I have let the choir director know this.  Since I am rarely late, it shouldn't be a problem.  I am not sure what we are singing this week.  I guess I will find out tomorrow night.

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