Monday, May 3, 2010

Had to take Mom in to the doctors today. Her left foot and ankle are completely swollen. She had 4 tubes of blood taken from her and she will have a Doppler test for circulation on Saturday morning. At 9:15 am. Yup, talk about super early! I will have to take a nap Saturday afternoon after teaching. She can walk better than she could earlier. That is a good thing because earlier she could barely walk. She ate a good dinner tonight though plus a cup of jello and an ice cream cookie. She is drinking some water, but not nearly enough. How on earth can you make someone drink and eat more? I would like to know. She slept a lot today too and I know she didn't get up in the night either because she was in the same position as she was earlier in the night. I checked up on her. I don't know what to do with her some days, she just won't eat or drink enough. The new medicine is helping some, but not near enough of what she needs. She did finish an ensure too, but only 1 so far. I will try to get another down her later tonight before we go to bed.

I had the Muglia girls lessons as well as Grace's. Bob, Calli, and Frank rescheduled to Wednesday because of the doctor appointment. Debbie had hers, she just arrived 15 minutes later than usual for me. I really appreciated that. It gave us time to get home and also get Mom's dinner. I am really worried to some extent about Mom because I know we are going to have more issues because of her not eating and drinking. This swelling could happen all over her body and that wouldn't be good. At least I know what to look for. The doctor is also ruling out a blood clot. The foot and ankle weren't red or hot and they didn't hurt, so it is a slim chance. It will be good to rule that out, I have had a blood clot and they aren't fun.

The Muglia girls did really well during their lesson. They only get once a month lessons due to financial issues with the family, but I am thankful and grateful I get them for lessons once a month. I do see them for sewing once a week (usually), but that is done by me for fun just for them. Mom offered to teach them to sew and at first she was able to help a lot, but now she just watches and enjoys herself while she is there. All three girls are learning Fur Elise by Beethoven. The all love that song. They are learning the entire song, not just the main theme. I love that song and eventually I have as many students as I can learn the entire piece or at least most of the song. Grace was having a problem with one of her songs, but once she broke it into phrases, she was able to get both hands together. She is really doing well. She just started this past fall and has already finished the first book and is half way through the second book. Grace will take the summer off and I will miss her, but, boy, will she be busy. She is going on a mission trip to Africa this July. How cool is that? I can't wait to see her pictures and hear all about her trip and the work that she does in Africa. Most of my students will be around during the summer this year. I am so glad about that. I miss my students when they aren't around, they make my week go really well and I have fun teaching.

My new ad comes out Wednesday! I can't wait to see it in print! I am so excited to be able to place an ad in the newspaper right now. I am anxious to see what type of response I get. Like I said, I am hoping for 2 new students out of it. 5 would be better, but 2 would be great.

It was mostly beautiful out today. Not right now though, it is about to downpour with a thunderstorm. Not fun. I am glad it didn't rain during the doctor visit though, Mom hates getting wet and that would have been a nightmare.


  1. Sorry to hear about Mom's swelling. Will be interested in the doctor's diagnosis.

    At a point my Mom slowed on her eating. I remember at the first care center she was in, if she didn't eat from her tray of food, they would give her a P&J sandwich. When they would tell her to take a bite, she would, otherwise she carried it around. She finally quit eating and drinking. Her doctor said that her brain cells continue to decrease. So it wasn't that she didn't want to eat, but that she didn't know how. She would accept bites of food if feed. Then eventually she didn't know how to open her mouth. We would take a straw with liquid in it and put it in her mouth. For awhile that was ok, but pretty soon her brain could not tell her how to swallow and she would choke.

    I hope I haven't scared you, but thought this info would help understand why she might be slowing on the food and water.

    Hugs, Deb

  2. thanks Deb! that is helpful to know that this is actually normal. She is better today and last night. I have begun to help her with eating and drinking by reminding her. I think she is forgetting how to eat and knowing when she is hungry. It is getting a bit scary with the swelling of body parts. At least today is a better day.