Sunday, May 16, 2010

We were at my Uncle John's today. He called me up on Friday, asked me if I was busy this Sunday and invited us over. I am so glad we went. We left at 11:30, picked up Tillie along the way and had a great day. Mom did really well most of the day. She has started something new though that is worrisome. When we left Uncle John's, she become frightened to go down a couple steps. I had my uncle hold on to Mom while she came down the stairs. He then led her into the car. She had a difficult time getting into the car again. I think this is something that will happen a lot from now on. I can get her into the car, it just takes a few minutes and then she is fine. When we dropped Tillie off we went into the house because I had some papers I had to fill out. Mom again became scared to go down a couple of steps. We got her down. Overall, it was a successful day. We are going back in two weeks on the holiday weekend, on the Sunday. I am looking forward to this. Little Jayson was playing with Mom in the living room while we were talking in the dining room. It was fun to listen to. We had an awesome dinner. Michelle (Uncle John's wife) is a wonderful cook. She made a roast beef and a roast pork. Boy, were they good. Mom ate really well, it was impressive how much she ate. I couldn't believe it, she ate a really good meal (for her anyways, still small to regular standards). It was just a good day.

Well, I am off to bed now as it is getting late here. Mom has asked 3 times when am I going to bed. I just have to give her the nighttime medicine and then we are all set. I hope your day was as good as mine. Have a good day tomorrow too! Ours is nice and busy with 4 lessons!

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