Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!! I hope it is the best one ever for all the mom's out there!!!!

You may be under the impression that you have the greatest mom, well, sorry to disappoint you, I have her. Even with her memory going, she is still the greatest mom ever. (Kristen Chenoweth says the same thing in her autobiography! I love those lines!) Anyways, it is Mother's Day and she chose to have a roast beef for dinner instead of going out to eat. So I put the roast kit in the crock pot (you didn't think I'd use an oven, did you???) and put it together before we went out. It smells scrumptious. Really really scrumptious. Mom picked a good choice. Since we went out to dinner yesterday to celebrate today, I don't mind not taking her today. I am sure the restaurants are full of people waiting to celebrate!

I even managed to do her hair this afternoon. Sometimes I do a decent job, sometimes I don't. We don't get her shower and hair done in Windsor anymore, we will be getting the services over her soon, until then, it is up to me and I did it without soaking her this time. I was proud of myself. Right now we are both sitting in the dining room with wet hair. I will dry our heads with our new blow dryer shortly. (after I finish this entry)

It has been a nice day so far. I haven't really yelled at all and my patience is in place for a change. I am working on being more patient because I lose patience really fast some days. All depends on how much sleep I have. I had a good night. I don't know how Mom actually slept Friday night because neither one of us had our medicine. That could have been a disaster for both of us. I didn't sleep much at all, but since we had to get up at 8 am, I was awake in time and not groggy. I did sleep super good last night, only woke 2 times to move around from the pain. I am a happy camper with that today.

Mom and I are going to watch It's Complicated in a few (after our hair is dried) I wanted to see it when it came out but we never got around to it so I bought it. From what my friends have said, it is really funny and they enjoyed it a lot. I was nervous about it because it is rated R and I don't watch too many rated R movies. Both of my friends who saw it said there was nothing objectionable in it, so I am counting on them to be right.

Mom didn't want to go to a movie today, so we didn't go. Maybe next week or maybe we will wait until Oceans in on DVD. I really want to see that one. I love the Disney nature movies. We saw Earth last year and loved it. I also saw March of the Penguins and I loved that one too. Nature and I get along just fine.

It is chilly today, but not as chilly as yesterday. Not much happening but celebrating Mom's Day with her. Pain is doing alright, not to high and my head is back to normal. My arm is a bit sore after washing both our heads in the sink but I took a pain pill for it so it should be kicking in soon. It is nice and sunny out. Mom is standing up straight today and walking fine unlike last week when she wasn't walking fine. Today she doesn't need a walker, but you never know what she will be like tomorrow. Last week she needed a walker. It is interesting the ups and downs of Alzheimer's, almost as interesting as the ups and downs of FMS. I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying the specialness of the day.

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