Friday, May 7, 2010

Sewing today! Yeah! We were running behind though, we were 1/2 hour late. Fortunately, the girls are very forgiving and didn't mind. Mom just couldn't get going this morning plus I had an emergency laundry load. I got Mom a different type of disposable underwear, I hope it works, so far, we are 2 types, 0 working. Not a good thing, but we do what we have to do. Ugh, though, on the result.

Mom has been alright most of the day. She didn't eat very well though, I will have to give her another ensure to offset the difference. She hasn't had much to drink either, both are not good. I wish she eat and drink like she used too, I even miss her millions of trips to the bathroom, at least she always made it in time. Stage 6 is difficult for both of us. New symptoms pop up, go away, then pop up again. I tried not to yell to much this morning, although I did a little bit. I have come to the conclusion that she can only put 1 shoe on, I have to put the other one on. She just doesn't get it. I also help her get dressed now. She can put 1 leg in her jeans (or whatever pants she is wearing), but not the other leg. I don't know, it is strange. Just very strange. She also shuffles more on 1 foot than the other, maybe the putting stuff on the 1 leg is related. Who knows? I certainly don't.

She really liked her new pajamas, she is still wearing the top underneath her hoodie. It is cute, Tinkerbell. We love Tinkerbell. I am almost done doing the laundry from earlier, I washed it this morning and dried some of it when we got home. I just have to put the sheet, undies, and pajama bottoms in the dryer as soon as the mattress pad is dried. Thank God Maia found the mattress pad, it sure came in handy this week!

Well, we are off to Walmarts! We have to pick up a few items (thank goodness we got the new bank card in the mail yesterday!) I want to beat the rain because it is supposed to downpour again. Ugh, Mom doesn't do well getting wet, so we are off! have a great evening.

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