Thursday, May 20, 2010

It has been a so-so day. Not too bad, not too good, just okay, which is just fine by me. If you don't have the so-so days, how can the good ones stand out? They couldn't, could they? Anyways, we were pretty busy today. We didn't get up until noon. We did our usual, then we went to Heather B-T's house for a visit, then dinner at home, and then to the subdivision meeting. It was fun and I volunteered to help with the block party. Our next door neighbor, Kathy, also volunteered. She wanted to speak with me at the end of the meeting, I wasn't sure why, but hey, she's a nice neighbor and I used to play with her daughter all the time. She asked me about mom and said to call her if I needed anything, she anything at all. It was very nice because sometimes I need help. It is just that simple, so it is nice to know I can call on a neighbor. She said she would be here all of June and August, July they will be camping so they won't be home. I hope the family has a good time. She was stunned about Mom, completely stunned. Of course, Mom has gone down since Christmas so she is at her worst right now. I think I need to up her anxiety medicine by 1/2 at night because she is getting anxious at night again.

Mom did not so good with eating today. She wasn't very hungry, I even got her ice cream, but she didn't eat much of it. She had about 1/3 of it. She ate most of her donut and a bit of her muffin, but dinner, not much at all. I tried to feed her but she ate as much as she could, and that was it. She is drinking her ensure now, I hope she finishes it. She thinks she does better than she does. I have a hard time saying, no Mom, you didn't eat well, she cries when I tell her. So I don't tell her that. I tell her she does good even when she doesn't. I mean, what else you can tell someone in her position? You tell them they are doing good and that you love them. That's what you do. I figure tomorrow she will be hungry since she isn't tonight. That's what happened yesterday, she was hungry because she didn't eat much on Tuesday.

She was afraid to get in the car because she didn't know how. This week I lowered her dose of anxiety, and I think I should have just lowered it a bit. She is less afraid with the medicine. So I will raise it by a 1/2 of a pill, the doctor said that would be good. She fell asleep at Heather's today, but that was okay, she does that a lot and they don't mind. Mom likes going to my friend's house. I think she really likes Heather's mom, Pat. She is very nice to Mom. I think she really likes her too. Mom loves Heather's kids, Acer and Calli and she really likes Heather. Mom doesn't get so confused with the two Heathers anymore, which is good. It sure confused Mom at first. It was like she didn't know that two people could have the same first name. But now she gets it so we have a good time when we visit. I look forward to Thursdays for that reason, but next week, I won't see them at all because Calli has rehearsal on Monday and a Doctor's appointment on Thursday. I have a blood test next week on Thursday. ugh, I hate them.

Mom has been standing up since we got home, she doesn't want to sit down, I don't know why. She likes to stand. I think her bottom is getting sore from sitting so much. I need to buy a nice little cushion for the dining room chair for her. Her chair is just a folding chair with a little bit of a cushion but it does get hard after a while. The living room chair and sofas are comfortable though, she sleeps like a log on them. I hope tomorrow is a good day, we have no plans. Well, I do have plans, I am planning to pin up Emily's dress for the wedding. I want to pin it and have her try it on before I cut and sew the hem. I need to get some hem tape too because that stuff works really well. I am not doing Lily's dress for the wedding until it is closer to the wedding. She is in the middle of puberty and well, if I do her dress now, she may not fit into it and that would be a tragedy.

I hope your day tomorrow will be good. I also will be doing Mom's hair and bath tomorrow since we have the whole day off. No sewing class tomorrow because the two of the girls are getting confirmed tomorrow.

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