Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mom's Doppler test on both legs and feet came out perfect. She doesn't have a blood clot and her circulation is good. I was thrilled. We went to our usual after that. Mom, as usual, is sleeping in the chair. It's a good day for it as it is so cold outside. What happened to spring, I want to know? It is in the 40's today and looks rainy. ugh. Not to happy about that. Mom is an ice cube. I will put a blanket on her when we go into the family room. I think after lessons I will nap.

The new disposable undies worked last night! No mess to clean! yeah! I was rather pleased with that. Now if they only had straps, they would be perfect, but you can't have everything and I will take what we got. Mom was happy too. I don't think she was happy about getting up at 8 am though. She has been having a bit of trouble getting out of bed these last few mornings. She is very sore. I don't really know why except she is in bed longer than she ever has been and that could be it. She can get up when she wants, she just lies there and waits for me. I don't ask questions, it doesn't do any good, I just live here.

I am supposed to have 2 lovely lessons with 2 lovely young ladies today, Lily and Aggie. I am excited about both. I just love both girls. They are really neat girls. Lily is now 12, hard to believe as I remember her as a 3 year old. Aggie is almost 20 now. I have to quickly burn a CD for Lily, a Broadway one. I just remembered. More later!

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  1. Hi Heather, glad your mom's test came out ok..that is a load off isn't it..and have fun with the girls..
    Thanks as always for stopping by..have a wonderful weekend!